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So if you mix it the harder your salable with the food, your stomach will be comforted. But if you’re not trying too much come to the stomach, he have two digesting it’s like washing machine and then he have to put the too much acidity, because if you have enough Emile Isaiah, your stomach is weak.

Important on no need to much the acid, but stomach acid cannot be digested from the food also and then will become pancreas. We start to descend with the special acid later, if you’re not too much chewing later become diabetic patients, so you must be chewing too much from the mouse to the large small, intestine and then the last investment is the totally one line. But today, why I’m telling you you heard probiotics? Yes, probiotics is very, very, very important to our body.

Why? Because when is the baby born, they collecting the store the baby store? We found out 90 % reproduce probiotics, but when they are growing time with food people as virus is getting less and less, and here it was hundred years before the the quality Russian doctor he found out the probiotics. Now the profit is called the lactobacillus and there’s many different lactobacillus of all various and the people, the bacterium BP dome and the crystherium the Bissell and many different kinds of the bacteria in our colon.

So we collected all the colon, the bacteria – you cannot see the true small right, so we collected to put in the scale each person has how many packed in your body 1.5 kilograms of the bacteria in your colon. There is a good bacteria, and bad bacteria always have to balance. If you don’t have the good balance you will be going to seek, we have here the found out the cross cross. The Rio MTP see these kinds of the the bacteria sometimes good, but sometimes going to bed.

Why? If you have taken a lot of the antibiotic, this bacteria become bad bacteria, so now they’re, giving the good probiotics giving to them, and then they become again to put bacteria, because when they have the Christine the depletion, the bacteria you have too much diarrhea. You cannot stop it. Many people also going to die, but nowadays, when they giving the the probiotics immediately, they are going to stop the diarrhea.

Now the Western people in European the doctors they started in researching from the human stool, they are buying human story. For one time $ 300, now it’s good business ER, but not everybody stood but healthy person stood, they are buying. They start a study from the sewer. Why? Because someone who said oh now, I’m drinking only water but I’m gaining my weight? Yes, but actually he is eating something, but some of them really.

He eat a lot of food. He is not gaining weight, so to type of the patients collected the store they found out, some of them, for example, the fattiness person the store get to collect the the proprieties from the bacteria who doesn’t have the thinner person’s, so Pet Pals pet. The case of the stool collected bacteria put in the capture given to the teen persons he become gaining weight so who has the arch himer case? Also someone who has the bacteria from the normal person? She doesn’t have that case.

Also, the collected the healthy person of the bacteria put in the captured treatment, our chairman, so now is a lot of things coming from the probiotics today, I’m telling you probiotics. Why do we need probiotics here this? This doctors? It was 1907. The Russian doctors call it an metchnikoff and he has the Nobel Prize from the study from the probiotics he found out from the red wine. He found out the specialty probiotics in the red wine, so he started from there.

Now we found out many different kinds of the probiotics, helps break down the food and produce retic, st and enjoying so also the eliminate toxic, our body that, whatever toxic, if you take the probiotics, will be remove the toxic. Also whatever you have any stomach problem. You just try probiotics and then you will your stomach getting calm down. Okay, so we can have here also better board to remove the ball and balance the gut.

The bacteria and good bacteria and bad bacteria is good from this one improve the digestions, so it means the probiotics which time is good, empty stomach or after food is very good. So sometimes you have the many put supplementation’s you don’t know how to eat. Sometimes you put all together: it’s not good, especially the vitamin c. Do not eat empty stomach, because vitamin C is ascorbic acid. This acid come to the stomach’s will be more hurt empty stomachs.

If you want to take, the vitamin C should be after food or rhythm put is good okay, so the also the our stomach, as I told that we have too much acid stomach acid is pH. 2 is the very high level of the acid in our stomach, but how we can send this probiotic until to the in Testament, because, as I taught there our day from the mouse until last moment is one pipeline, this profit is, you should be past the stomach Or to the in Testament, but our atomic probiotics, very special technology, how we did it probiotics? We have special coating.

Okay, we call it the micro micro encapsulation technology. This we got the prompted Canadian, the company special technology. So our. If you see the probiotics, it looks like powder, but this one already weak coating already. So this one even past the stomach cannot be milk until in Testament. So to not worry about this one and then push the immunity system, it’s good for the reduced energy and the support woman’s health and support and the weight loose just now, though, she said with – I don’t know, since within how many weeks she lose the 5 kilogram.

Already, if you take the probiotics really good for the our health, so let me tell you the our probiotics. Is that not only provide ticks? We have the 10 plus probiotics here, like the many different you can see the even the whole Latin names not easy to. Remember but like a PP, the bacterium and lactobacillus many different kinds, plus we have here mix it the banana extraction and strawberry and so and so different.

Why, today, I will tell you: we have probiotics and prebiotics little bit different right. What is the probiotics? Prebiotics? Is food for the probiotics? If you take the probiotics after that, you take the banana or onion something garlic, or these things will be. Your probiotics will be more getting health okay, so this one our probiotics, maybe you understand anyway, so this this is, I he came to the his father.

He asked to his father father. What is the life and then he said: wait. He got one piece of stone. Came to his son, my son, you go to the market you’re sitting with the stone anybody wanted to buy, just put the your toe finger and then he take this stone, go to the market he’s sitting and there’s so many people look and go and look and Go and suddenly one woman she came to this boy. He said you want to say yes how much you want to say he just put a toe finger like what he father said when he put the two finger.

He said. Oh, you want to sell to a dollar, and then he go to the his father father, one lady. She want to buy the two dollar twice: L for this one. She said just take this one go to the children and then he go to the he show to the museum and the museum director said he said. Oh, this is very layered stone. You want to sell. He said that just a toe finger and then he said you want to sell twenty thousand dollars and then he come to the his father.

Father regime director wanted to buy $ 20,000 Dwight said to him. He said take two to go to the jewelry shop and then he go to the show to the jewelry shop and then he found this stone Wow. Where did you get this stone? You want to say yes, how much you want he’s just put a toe finger. He said if I pay you two hundred thousand, you can say to me why this much different one piece of stone because outside is like a strong right, but it was inside of the stone.

These kinds of value was inside. Looked beside of your friend, his looks like two dollars phone over the two hundred thousand. You know most of the papers. They just look at the outside think about it. We are already 4th century industrial revolution. Now you can hear so many key word: artificial intelligence, blockchain. Lady of fragrances, identifications many things, IOT right going to change a lot within 10 years.

<img src="×1000/48/73/microscopic-probiotics-set-good-bacteria-and-vector-22534873.jpg” style=”width:500px”>

If human drive the car policeman well, policemen will catch. You we have to go to jail within 10 years will be going to change a lot of things important in the future. Chairman handlebar already mentioned to you, we’re going to lose all the job because we’re going to Lobot artificial intelligence intelligence will conclude your jobs, but in the futures, important is relations without relations. You cannot do any things all the product is unity, relations to not look only outside you don’t know who has what kinda nation with him one of their lady in Korea.

She was just the sales master and suddenly become royal master. You know why she doesn’t know when she become real master. Why one of the her structure connecting to the Taiwan Taiwan become very big market. Now she suddenly become royal master. You see, I knew how here there in Korea, we said if your parents in your house to not go far away. If you have to go, you have to mention to your father where you go.

If you have the problem, the food of put in your mouth, if your parents calling you you have to remove the food – and you have to answer – I will tell you here one according to the Bible, said horner your father and your mother, as the Lord, your God has commanded you so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the rent, the Lord, your God keeping you am I right. Yes, but now the today you have to call your parents at least once a week, have the call and greeting to him.

Okay. So thank you very much for listening. Thank you.

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Atomy Probiotics 10+ 1 52 mins – English

Ten types of probiotics are included on antony probiotics.

This is why it is called probiotics 10 plug-in atomy, probiotics, 10 plus apple banana strawberry and other fresh fruit ingredients and oligosaccharide are included acid resistant to strong stomach acid 20 billion live probiotics are added, and at least three billion healthy probiotics travel through your intestine. Until the expiry date, the changes antony probiotics 10 plus mates controls, harmful microbes and balances, and testicle bacteria by increasing useful microbes and helps bowel movement and sustaining healthy life.

Smart choice for your healthy life, atany probiotics, 10 plus

Spunks pumpkin seeds are great for boosting your immune system! Below is a great video about the benefits of this great pumpkin seed snack!