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How To Meal Prep On The Keto Diet?

If you ever wanted to get organized with prepping meals on the ketogenic diet, then you are in the right place. You are going to be pretty excited about what we are going to discuss and that is the organization organizing yourself. Your kitchen and grocery list will allow you to become more efficient in prepping them all. Step 1 get the right kitchen equipment. Many people are new to the keto diet and looking for an easy, prepping solution doesn’t realize that an ill equipped kitchen can lead to disaster and stop you from deciding what you want to eat.

You will find the following equipment will serve you well for years to come, one-pass putting some money on this is highly recommended. If you will be cooking most of your meals in it, they are a safer option and easier to clean than most standard skillets to night steps. There is no going on hand and Dan like set when you can get a high quality. Chef’s knife for Amazon’s make sure if you are a student and a well branded, we’ll be a great addition to the arsenal of kitchen equipment for slow cooker busy with your life.

You can create a nice set and forget meals by throwing everything into one. What and enjoying it later, it is also great for making broth five food containers being on the go, can be stressful, so make sure to buy instant that you can store food in as in portions step to that think that a dash of coconut oil and a Slab of Romney will be enough to keep you going, but have you thought about how long grab condiments, such as the mixture of spices, sputter, baking powder, Cheetos, sweeteners, coconut flour, olive oil, as these will make you whole eating it serious much more pleasurable, step 3 decide On what you are going to eat, the last and final step is looking at what you are going to eat and those haven’t got a clue.

To be honest, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of meal plans and recipes that you can find over the internet for free. Once you have your list of what you are going to eat. It is time to make a shopping list, take the shopping list and split it into categories, so you are grabbing all the foods you first, if you want to stay away from processed food which is man-made and stick to the wholesome food and there you have it A quick 3-step system for conquering meal prep on the ketogenic diet, and now you know what to do.

It is time to go out and do some shopping if you’re serious about the keto diet make sure to check out this site right there. This site is helping thousands of people that their custom keto lands, and you can check it out instantly by clicking the link. In my article description below

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!


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Best Keto foods at Sprouts | Best keto foods at sprouts.

What’s up family, I’m ray and I’m Joe, and we are two crazy kids. If you’re new, to our blog, welcome here onto crazy heroes, we do different things like product reviews. We do recipe articles, we talk about various keto topics and then every Monday we sit down on the couch for keto on the couch. We just kind of talk about.

What’s going on in our lives for the week, you can find us in different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and we also have a website which is too crazy, ketones calm and that’s we’re going to find all four different recipes. Now we do upload at least five new articles every single week, so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget the little bell icon in that way.

Every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to yeah. So it’s Wednesday we took the day off because I actually had to leave early morning prayer this morning dude. So you were out early yeah. I’ve been up since 5:00 a.M. Wow and I was going to vlog when I first woke up and I’m like yeah. That’s not happening so it’s now like 9:30, but we’re going to vlog anyway. We’re going we’re doing this.

I actually slept in later than normal this morning, because it’s Wednesday and Monday, my mom had cataract surgery on one of her eyes and we had to be like at the doctor’s appointment like really early, and then we had to follow up on Tuesday. Again, we had to get up like really early. So today I was like I pushed that snooze button like 50 times. What is the point of the snooze button? You don’t know it gives you like that false little sense of like reward reward.

I don’t get the snooze button at all to me. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. It goes off at five o’clock. You hit the snooze button at 5:05. It goes off again by the time you finally fall back asleep. That stupid thing is going off again, it’s it’s just a procrastination like adrenaline rush that you’re like okay, I’m getting away with something I’m getting away with something you’re really not because then you wind up having to like race for the rest of your day.

Let us know down in the comments section: are you a snooze button person or are you not a snooze button person? Usually I’m pretty good about not hitting the snooze button, but today it was Danny. Personally, I’m not even an alarm person. I just tell my body: hey: you need to get up in the morning 99 % of the time I do get up, or I just don’t go to bed the night before so when Caleb said like hey, are you ready to like head out? I was like oh, my gosh.

Is it? Is it time for school like? Oh, my goodness, I mean he got no breakfast this morning like nothing. Well, it’s like. I said it’s about 9:30. They just opened up a sprouts near us finally, and we had 45 minutes away, so it opened up like the week before the threat of the hurricane yeah, so we’re going to head over there now. Are you super proud of me because my mom visited this? Like a couple of weeks ago – and I didn’t go with her – I was like I’m saving myself for Joe well.

I did look online and saw that there were a couple of things on sale. So I’m glad that you waited to go with me good yeah. All right, let’s do this so Johnson, it uh we made it to sprouts and even though wear my jacket cuz, I know it’s going to be cold in the grocery store, I’m wearing my two crazy Keenan shirt and I’m actually going to be cold. I know somewhere in my sweatshirt, and I am like really pleased with the quality yeah.

These came from Amazon and it is a super good quality. I’m like really really happy with the part they’re not like itchy and weird, and the neck isn’t like choking me like all good things yeah, because before we even like put them up like on to Amazon, to actually sell which we order them for ourselves. So, like. Oh, let’s make sure that it’s good qualities going to be wonky, but no they’re good and they seem to be like true to size, yeah so yeah.

I think you’re wearing this all and it’s the ladies small and then this is the large yeah. So we’re going to head in the sprouts I’m going to drink a little bit more of my bank, I’m like addicted to these things like this is like not a good thing. We avoided them for a long time because people had said that, like once you bring them into your life, you won’t be able to function without them and like yeah yeah I mean there’s, the ingredients are okay.

They’re, not the soup, we’re cleanest, but they’re, not bad. I mean it is sweetened with slick erosive. You don’t like sucrose, you might not want to use them, but also and remember a lot of I see online. All the time people are talking about sucrose label. Sucrose is Splenda. No, it’s it’s not it’s. Splenda has suckler in it, but it also has a bunch of other stuff. I honestly don’t drink them that much just because they’re super sweet, they’re super sweet like almost overly sweet.

You drink one every couple days and the only reason I’m drinking them is because a few weeks ago they GNC had that they were selling them for a dollar a dollar. So we literally like we’re like 8 GS within like three miles of our house. We literally – and it was a limit of like four or something that are six. They have a limit yeah, so we, like literally all of us, were going into every GMC and getting the limit for the day.

So we ended up with, like I don’t like 40 of them. Oh my gracious, but you know yeah. Now I think once they’re gone, I don’t plan on like loading up on them. Honestly, I think, as far as like an energy drink goes, I like the stevia energy, drink or Z via this w bran energy drink, and actually the only place that we’ve ever been able to find them in a store front have been sprouts. Yes route tell them.

We usually get them from Amazon and have them dropship to the house, but I’m hoping that sprouts hasn’t, but maybe they have a different flavor or something yeah. I like the zvo ones. These actually give me too much energy, sometimes yeah, like you’re, like oh, my gosh. What am I going to do? There’s so much ladies, give you the perfect amount of energy. They have done a lot of funny articles about like people punching trees, and I mean just being an idiot like just a jokey one like Caleb was showing me.

One was like bang and like makes me act like a crazy person. Well, I made the mistake the other day, though of I drank one of these and then I was going to my game and I’ve been working outside all day, so I’m like oh, I need to take some electrolytes, so I drank a zip Fez within 15 minutes Of drinking one of the oh, my lord, that was a mistake. Well, I am excited that. Not only is there sprouts here, but there’s also Dollar Tree and across the street, there’s all these, so this is like the perfect shopping hub for me yeah.

So let’s go in we’re going to see, I don’t think I’ll, be able to film in sprouts we’ll see if we can kind of sneak stuff, but it will at least show you what we get when we come out. Yes and then now we’re going to go hit, you want hit dollar treaty we’re going to hit all these, then we’re going to home and film some articles and we’ll show you what guy we’re going to eat for lunch later today. So they have the Petersons brand stuff: we’ve got Peterson’s hot dogs, Peterson’s bacon and Peterson’s sausage.

Patties love it. This is actually a really good price on this premium crab. It’s like grill crabmeat, the claw meat, and it’s only ten dollars talking about doing a article on these fake meat point things they have the beyond me and they have the sausages. They have light light and the light light which I think is really expensive. But at six dollars I don’t know, I think we should try it. You want to do a article on fake meat Rachel.

No, I mean we’re talking like a carb per hotdog. Well, we’re going to get the burger all right, so you’re still looking eight carbs per burger. I know, but we’re going to we have to see. Is this as good as real beef Yeah right? Try these just not make myself pain. What is it six dollars for? Basically, just eggs and cauliflower, I feel like we could make this. What do you think Joe? We have to try? I really want to try them, but they’re too expensive from the line.

This is some of the best coffee creamer. There is, and it’s on sale for 49 – probably the safest way for me to bind that zero $ 0.99 like single, serve things. This way, you don’t overdo it yeah, because I will eat that entire container. Look at this now don’t go nuts soybeans bread. I think we’re getting a little far now, if you can come up with a chocolate D spread Joe, that could have way less carbs than this, because this has 10 carbs for a tablespoon.

Then I feel like we would be very rich people. Chocolate mixed with e sounds delish. Please make this happen. This is our second favorite and butter, and it’s on sale for $ 1 off of time, so we’re going to get something while we’re on and I think we’re going to try there geek. I started to get like really scared, because, like look over here, it was like 849 on sale. I was like is that a dozen? But now we have a that’s an incredible deal 399 for the happy egg company way to achieve it.

The awesome, but we have 12 dozen eggs in our refrigerator right now. I don’t think we need any eggs. What is this one? The farmer’s hen house that looks cute is this true lime, true orange they’re, coming out with seasoning blends lime, garlic and cilantro or orange ginger, get that orange ginger. It comes out hey. We know these guys. They go together like awesome and awesome. They even have the LA cantos chocolate chips.

Yes abou, those you’re interested, I know on the website. They only sell them in like packages of eight or ten you can buy in here now $ 9. It is so nice to start seeing more and more keto products in the stores drop enough, BOM calm. I do think it’s cheaper on the website, though, and we have the a coupon code. It’s too crazy, Cheetos they’re, coming out with, like a coating mix almost like reminds me of like shake and bake.

So they have this one they’re suggesting goes with like coconut shrimp. They have a recipe on the back. This one is if you’re wanting to make pork chops she’s basically shaken though, and this one is for avocado fries. What’s the ingredients almond meal, flaxseed, paleo powder, herbed, salt, free, all-purpose, seasoning, nothing, bad! I think we should try one of these. What is it 3? Total carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber on this one: let’s try this one, because it will do this.

One is 3 and 2. I bet you could do a chicken with this also so excited because cauliflower tortilla was and then I turned it over and a serving size. There’s 22 net carbs in a serving size like I could eat this entire package. But, like ya know, oh my goodness, I know we don’t need any TV. I have a wall of ZD abut. Look at this, so the six packs are on sale for 399, but the 10 packs are on sale for 3 and refine sic├ín.

The best price I’ve ever gotten is 60 cent suggest what see all those 10 packs I’m buying every one of them right now. Vivia wall, so probably joe, is going a little crazy, but this is the best deal on TV we’ve ever seen. We actually even gave a 12-pack to another lady because she was like. Can I have just one so Sacha Inchi is something that you see in a lot of products and it’s got some great macro, so you’re, looking at 13 grams of fat, 9 grams of protein there’s five total carbs and five fiber.

So this is fantastic they’re! Actually, really delicious, but they’re kind of expensive. It’s $ 24 for this jar, which honestly isn’t terrible. I mean, if you buy macadamia nuts you’re going to you know, spend that much. I would get them, but I don’t feel like spending $ 25 right now and as I’m spending all that money on vivia right, the same thing for Mocambo beans. Look at this. It is ten fat. Six protein you’ve got 12 grams of carbohydrates, but nine Dara, Terry dietary fiber and the serving size is 12 of these giant beans, and it’s actually got some great serotonin compounds.

Omega-9 fatty acids, it’s the 30 % fiber. I hope we don’t run out of zviad Joe. They were looking at us a little crazy buying all that dvi-i look at his crazy. However, the deal was so good and it was either what ten, ten four three, ninety three, ninety nine or you could have six for 399, and I was reading people pick up. The six-pack it happened all of the time when I worked at Party City, though they they have a standing deal that you would get like.

If you buy one thing of cups, you got another package for free and all of the time people would be like. I don’t want the free one. I don’t want the second one cuz, I don’t know where I’m going to store it, and it’s like how about like, given to somebody. I don’t know where we’re going to store all the vivia. But how do you think I went down, but I felt bad so, as I’m loading up literally every 12-pack, they have there.

We were shelf coloring. This lady comes up and she’s like. Are you buying them all and on my wall? Oh yeah, I’m like what flavor do you want? She was like just one root beer. I’m like okay! Here you go. I felt bad that that is my favorite, but we don’t want somebody going without well. She was the only smart one that I saw actually buying the 10 pack. She picked up the six pack and then wait wait.

A second is that right. Why would I want to pay the same amount for less? It made no sense, but I readed like four people doing, but I actually was talking to a Publix cashier, and she said that that was something that she saw. All the time to where they’d have like buy one get one free for like toilet paper, and I don’t want the free one and they they were like now I’ll just want the one: let’s go over quickly, what we bought.

So we don’t make this too too long, so we got we’re going to try there cheese, cheese, snacks, cheese bites yeah, they had these cheese bites. They were on sale for two dollars: a bag. Actually, what a try one and we got. What is the day we got cheddar and I think one of that flavor was massive, but these are the just. The ingredients were red, cheddar cheese, which is milk, salt, lactic, acid, microbial rennet, and that’s it and carotene for coloring.

They seem like they’re just slightly smaller and poofier, but it’s a hundred and fifty calories per serving there’s two servings in the whole bag. 12 grams of fat, zero, carbs, 11 grams of protein. Those are good cause, you’re, really good. My grilling up mmm, like some of the best we’ve, had very buttery. Okay. What else we got in that bag? We got yeah. We showed this. That’s our second-favorite butter, it’s about never on sale, but it was until cheaper than carry gold to that.

We got some. Okay, so I bought this air chilled Organic ground chicken. It was on sale for like four dollars off a package, and you know what I’m doing this. Can you guess I’m going to try to duplicate the real good jalapeno poppers, but actually make it so that you can taste the cheese and jalapeno? Oh, if you do that, I will be so happy. That’s what the purpose of this is and then we got look. Some raw shrimp yep, so this shrimp was on sale like seven dollars off a pound, so I bought two pounds of it so that we can make our jambalaya that we’ve been making.

Oh, it’s so good! Then we got some bacon yeah bacon. Did you see this deal on the bacon? I did not five dollars off a pound for the uncured bacon, so I bought two four two two two two two pound packages BAM. So we had four pounds of die and we got some of your creamer. Well, the creamer is kind of for you. We got two of this one, for this is the best creamer. This is the chi-chu ki tu and a serving sizes, three tablespoons and it’s got MCT oil in it.

It’s got some protein in it: 50 calories per serving five total grams of fat, three grams of protein, zero carbohydrates in three grams and three tablespoons, and it is super they have the name right. Yes, super the ingredients in this purified water whey protein concentrate cream, coconut MCT, oil, monk, fruit, natural flavors, now the natural, vanilla, flavor, natural, flavor, potassium phosphate and gle and gum we got one of the haystacks I like that flavor, but I don’t know why.

But I’m not a huge hazelnut creamer fan I should be. This is the same company that makes us super coffees which I’m in love with, but I could never find like less than three dollars and fifty cents in it yeah that’s an invention when we just make our own but yeah this stuff really good. It was on sale like two dollars off and did you see the only reason we bought three of them expires May of 2020? I really feel like we’ll drink it, but so long as you don’t open it it.

Don’t you open it. It’s going to go bad. So the key is: don’t open until you need it, so you know you’re going to use it nope. So I’m interested though what is everybody else’s? Favorite creamer flavor, like I like hazelnut you like vanilla, you like mocha, I like vanilla, I like hazelnut, I’m not a aged mocha, so comment down below and let us know what do you like to put in flavor your coffee with yeah? What else we got? We got a whole bunch of these guys yeah I bought like these were on sale, three four five, which is about 30 cents, 40 cents less than we normally take.

I like to treat myself with them every once in a while. We don’t buy a lot of them, so I think I bought like 10 of them or nine of them. I think I bought. We got some of the good tummy, I think heavy whipping cream. This is I like this one at organic pasture-raised. It doesn’t have any care gained in it, they use Galang gum instead, and so we do sprightly spring for this, especially if we’re making some Aikido Chow ice cream.

It makes a huge difference: d yeah. We got some gooey normally by the oldies key, but this one was on sale. I wanted to try this one, because this is the refrigerated and it’s usually expensive. It’s vital farms. Yeah. Do you wan na? Do this? Oh yeah sausage. We got this sausage. It is so hard to find sausage that doesn’t have sugar or dextrose, or something like that. Usually we just end up dealing with that and now we’ve got to find a whole new sausage place and meat place where our meat place.

Penn Dutch announced yesterday they’re going out of business like today, yeah. Yes, we have to find a new place. I think we’re going to go a lot more to like us wellness and like and a butcher box, because after them that was the next cheapest. The only reason we didn’t do, a lot of stuff from you know, butcher box, and us wellness is because you can heat pan Dutch prices, yeah and and easy access like you walked into the store the same day and got it yeah.

But us wellness and butcher box, their prices actually be Costco prices a lot of times. It’s amazing they’re really good deals it well. I will link down below. You got some oil, oh yeah. We needed some more coconut oil spray. We just use this for, like our waffle makers and stuff, like that, we got some of this new season yeah. We can saw that this season Rachel found this. This looks really interesting, maybe put on some chicken or some steak or something I’m excited to try it.

I almost want to like crack it open and see what it tastes like right now, but it’s orange orange ginger. I bet it’s good. Let’s try it they’re all thinking we’re gross for them for sanitary. Hmm! I don’t need that for food. That is good. It’s uh, curry, good. It is I like some curt stuff, especially if you’re doing like a an orange chicken yeah. That’s what I’m thinking great for our ice cream. It’s good and honestly.

I use this when I want to be more heavy-handed with a creamer like a latte, because this is it’s a serving sizes. Eight fluid ounces. Now, I’m not going to use eight fluid ounces in a coffee, but I might want to have more than a tablespoon or two in a coffee, and this is one carbohydrate total and one fiber, so zero carbs. This is, you know, really fun memories. This is really good if you want a latte, if you miss Starbucks right and you want a latte where it’s 3/4 milk, like we usually use like 14 or 18 ounce mugs yeah 8.

Ounces of this add in your coffee. Maybe a few drops among fruit sweetener. If you want this is our favorite one from them. This is the coconut almond milk. They also have almond milk unsweetened. I was going to say you got ta check the label on the back. They also had a couple of flavored varieties, they all have sugar and it all has sugar in them and then they also came out with a creamer yeah. They shelf-stable like a creamer, but I looked on the back and the carbs weren’t great on that.

So I would stick with this if you’re interested this is pretty much we use. We’ve walked away from by buying the almond, milks and stuff like that, because again, there’s no cure gain in this, and the KeyArena seems to like be funny with us, sometimes cuz. I love the the super coffee. I love the creamer, it’s delicious, but sometimes I want I want to. I want a long run, a lot you know, or I have multiple cups of coffee, as we well know like a ton, so I can’t afford to have you know two or three tablespoons of heavy whipping cream 14 times a day right now.

This is lunch. Lunch / dinner, so we’ve always gotten the Whole Foods one. So I figured let’s try the sprouts version. Yeah bacon Halep got a two bacon, jalapeno cheeseburgers mmm, and then I got two of this was the cowboy burger, oh yeah, blue cheese, cowboy burger. That’s what I want: no, no, no we’re not doing that. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to make one of each one today, okay, then we’re going to split it, so we each get a half and then we’ll have the other ones tomorrow, because I need to be able to taste both yeah and we Have hard time sharing? Yes with it’s like hey, that’s your dinner.

You know we kinda have a buddy there’s nano, so I think that is everything that we got we ended up. Are you ready? I know Irene want to say it out loud. We spent two hundred and thirteen dollars, which is a lot of money for us to go grocery shopping, but we haven’t been grocery shopping in like since the last time we did a article. I almost think we went with you guys last time, yeah, it’s been at least a month yeah.

You know I mean there. We may spend like just buying some like little stuff here and there maybe 20 to 30 dollars a week, but we pretty much stockpile stuff in our freezers whenever something’s on sale or like zeebee, or something like that. Because of all of this money that we spent. I think like sixty eight dollars of it was just on the cbs-tv Imani, but we’re good on TV for a long time. One would hope I would well we’re good on my flavors, but Maria tells God I 50 % of what we bought.

There are Rachel’s flavors yeah. Well, when the lady said like can I have a root beer and I was like you want ginger, ale and she’s like no root beer, ginger ale, it’s like no root beer. Do I think you want ginger ale, it’s delicious! That’s Rachel’s! Favorite flavor great beer, so we’re going to go home, we’re going to unpack we’re going to make our launch and then we have some filming some other articles to do including a keto chow ice cream yeah.

Well, we got home from sprouts and I went to make the burger is that way, bah and we remember, we have chicken wings. I completely forgot that we went to Buffalo wallings. We actually treated ourselves for dinner last night. Yes, well, they actually have like a deal going on, but you have to eat there in the restaurant yeah, so they’re dealing with buy-one-get-one-free wings is you have to eat in the restaurant but of course we’re Rachael and gentleman we always find a way around it.

So we order like an alarming amount of wings at once, and then we just take you know a bunch of at home, but it always scares the waitress a little bit well, we ordered like two larges in two mediums, knowing that we were only going to eat Like eight or nine wings, apiece like how hungry are you and then we brought them home because we usually like to crisp them up more. They never can cook them as crispy as we want them anything we’re weird but yeah.

I like I’m crunchy. We tell them extra, crispy and they’re still not crispy enough yeah yeah, so we brought home wings. So we have wings so we’re going to eat these and then we’ll probably eat those burgers later on for dinner sounds good and since we haven’t eaten, we may also have the keto Joe as well. Yes, so see how we have to figure out our macros for the day, because we are in like day three of our reverse diet, so we got to make sure we hit all our macros right.

So I did want to say before we wrap it up, though, in the vlog, when we were in sprouts, we showed you guys that I forgot the name of it that other meat not to beyond me, but the other one that they had there. We were going to get that and sample it and tell you guys what we thought, but it had way too many carbs. The beyond me only has like three carbs in a serving, but they didn’t have the burgers.

Well, they didn’t have the burgers and it wasn’t on sale. They only had it like the one-pound tub yeah and it was like ten dollars. So we’re going to wait and as soon as we can find the beyond me on sale, we are going to sacrifice our bodies and eat a non meat, burger, hey even dr. Barry said he was going to at least try it there’s no way, I’m ever giving Up meat for beyond me: well we’re going to try it anyway.

I feel like Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. Where he’s like, were they heavenly kind of a contest between, like you know, not meat and a hamburger, and this guy is like trying to elevate it with all of these different flavors and toppings and things it’s like everybody’s, like yeah, hamburger, wins yeah, so yeah we’re Going to look for that on sale as soon as we get it, we will definitely do that and in the meantime, what we should probably do is go try one of those Burger King ones, yeah like the impossible Burt.

I think it’s called the impossible burger. So we’ll see if our Burger King has that that’ll be another article coming up awesome. Well, I’m ready to eat. We got a set of wings here. The other sets in the air fryer, but we’re going to start here yeah. So that’s going to end today’s article. Let us know down in the comments section what your favorite store to get some of the better quality products is that Whole Foods is it Lucky’s sprouts? Is it sprouts? Is it Trader Joe’s yeah, which one do you have near you or, if you’re fortunate, to have them all? Let us know what your favorite one is down below, because I am really enjoying sprouts, but I learned very quickly with sprout you’ve got to know your prices.

Yes and shop, the sales you have and you have to shop the sales because I noticed like with their vivia. We got an awesome deal today, but their normal price on GBA was $ 6.99. A six-pack compare that to the $ 4.99 at Whole Foods yeah. So you’ve really got to know your prices with these places, but let us know down in the comment section what your favorite place is. So that is our article for today.

If you like, what you saw, do its favor hit that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and hit the little bell icon in that way, every single time we upload a new article, you’ll be alerted to until next time. Why

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!