Town frickin flies, but I’m in a car man’s like it’s a nice helmet all right, we’re here at the bike. What are we here at the bike saloon? For you get a new exhaust put on cool stuff, he’s already cut customizing a boy headed for weeks: five, hey it’s a new toy new toy. I like this with an extra ality. This is probably more my style classic.

Maybe I should just stick to the bicycles and back to the lucky bugs I haven’t seen this since I was in Bahia. There was a lot of mud here today gone tomorrow and here today gone tomorrow, all right last time I joked about the gangster menu, but we’re actually going to do it this time. Yes, sir, all in each outcome, yeah we missing it we’re missing Nisha, it’s pretty pricey mmm 459 baht! That’S a traffic ticket over here hi! Just saying: Oh stainless, steel! That’S the first time I hadn’t seen that so we’re going to do like last time.

I’D just like get several things: we all just eat from it: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, see hey, hey you doing over there. Okay, they see. What is that I just got a sweet tea. Oh talk about sweetie. Are you all right? The ribeye? Oh? This is me: oh there you get hurt the baby. I don’t think we got enough. Shall we begin. We eat a lot of corn. The cob over here in Thailand, where’s the Sun and actually took my breath Bobby we destroyed it.

Cause left is one little veggie in a line. Okay, all that food was fourteen hundred five greats of us each person less than 500 baht. It was a fancy meal. It wasn’t like a normal little time, a loo where’d they go. It was fancy. I know where I met just with a picture seriously, so I’m getting what I need to make the GoPro session work, because obviously the card that I had in it wasn’t working. So I’m hoping that this is going to mission accomplished SD cards motorcycles getting or not.

Look here, motorcycles getting customized, you get. The SD cards made a ton of food and now we’re going to go, say goodbye to some friends at where the white Sun bar, but it got Jim, Oh on the way back from the mall. We got Thai radio over here, very good hufflepuff. So after we took the bike to get the custom, muffler and and stuff done to it, they literally were texting him. The update says that were going in like four or five hours they had it done so he went picked it up this morning.

Got the got the exhaust all done, got the new mirrors on and got the LED integrated blinkers with the back light. That’S cool! Oh yeah, that’s cool. I know you don’t know what it sounded like before, but he was also asking if you could take the baffle out. Cuz everybody over here has to have the loudest motor everywhere. Every time you get a bike, you want it louder. What do you do? Don’T forget that goody-goody now, if life is good, is good, its life is better and good is good.

Every name you take a woman to the mall every times you see the store. It’S like. No, it’s very good. The tongs are good should use those more

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