Superfoods: Raw Soup Class. ‘Manna – The Ubuntu Living Show’

Welcome back to raw food prep class. Today, we’ve got another delicious recipe for you and we’re going to get into some of the liquid feasting, and what do I mean by that? I mean soups, making soups once again, soup making is one of those staple foods.

Everyone eats soup, everyone. Most people know how to make soup. Soup is normally just boiling vegetables in water until it just become soup. What we’re going to do today is make soup, probably faster than you’ve ever made before tastier than you’ve ever seen. Tasted. Well, when you make it yourself tastier than you would have ever tasted before and colorful, amazingly colorful, not losing all of that color in the cooking and we’re going to do that is with using our blender.

🙂 – >FUNFACT: Pumpkin seeds are a great addition to Soups!

Now, once again, I’m going to be using the power blender, but you can use a hand blender with this recipe or you can use a normal smoothie maker with this recipe it will work with that. You might just need to build a little bit longer. The recipe we’re going to be doing is a tomato and red pepper soup. So we’re going to be blending up tomatoes, red peppers and some other ingredients, and literally five minutes.

Your supers done on the table ready to be eaten soup normally as a half day to hold a affair with things slowly simmering and adding spices and getting the flavors right. Will this recipe it’s so easy, just tucking in a blender turning it on and having an awesome soup? So let’s get started you’ll notice. The first thing in the blender is that it’s got some water in it. Now this waters been warmed through slightly.

So that’s a boil: there’s just gotten a bit hot. That way we can have a hot soup and some of you were wondering or cold soups. None about that doesn’t have to be cold. You can have it warm by using hot water as your base. Okay, so we’ve got the hot water in there and now we’re going to get going with the tomatoes first and that’s some great big Tomatoes here start with 3, i’m going to pull off the little green, but that is actually poisonous.

If you have enough of that. Just chopping it into quarters is fine for the blender, so tomatoes are great to eat because they got a lot of something called lycopene in it. What happens with like a penis? It becomes more absorbable available when you’re blending it or you when you’re cooking it. As I’m not partial to cooking, I prefer blending it and using warm water does the same thing, but if you look at it tomato by cutting it open and certain segments of it as well, when you look at it, it’s just got the most beautiful water eNOS.

It’s great for for getting liquid into our systems for higher for making us hydrated, and it’s also particularly good for for the lungs and for the reproductive system with the seeds. Many benefits with tomatoes: okay to more urgently for tomatoes, are in next we go out red peppers. Now these are beautiful. Looking red peppers thing to remember with your red pepper, is that a green pepper is green because it’s not ripe, whereas a red pepper is a green pepper, that’s ripe! So it’s not there’s a different kind of pepper.

It’s just that the ones picked when it’s actually ripe and picking fruit when it’s ripe is much better for your health and picking fruit when it’s not ripe, because the fruit draws up all the nutrients at the end of its ripening period. So that’s when you’re getting most of the flavor developing as well. So it’s had a chance to ripen on the plant to absorb all those minerals in it that your body craves we’re going to chop that up into two squares to blend that through nicely as well.

This is another reason why, when you go to the shops, red peppers are more expensive than green peppers, because it’s quicker to grow something when you pick it not right to letting it grow all the way to being ripe. Okay, now he has an important question: what do you do with that? The seeds of the pepper you take it outside and you throw it in your garden and then it’s going to grow pepper plants, never waste anything out of your garden.

This is how many pepper plants does that maybe 30 or 40 red pepper plants that you can grow and, if you think of how much money that’s going to save you in the long run. Just from planting this, one pepper seeds phenomenal so really get into any of the fruit that you have, if you cut it open and their seeds in it, put it in your vegetable garden. True, okay, let’s do one more I like to add but more of this because it gives the super bit more of a texture to it.

It’s not so watery Tomatoes quite watery, so it does make the soup quite watery excellent, but the peppers in so tomatoes peppers. What else we got? Ah red, onions? Ok, so I use red onions. I prefer red onions to white onions because they’re red now the color in food indicates the antioxidants in the food antioxidants. Remember those things that stop us from rusting from the inside out and the more color it has the deeper the colors.

The more antioxidants are present, so the red onions got plenty of antioxidants in it. I’r just going to need about a quarter of a red onion for this amount of soup. Yeah quarter, rest of your red onion, keep and use that for another soup. Okay, now we’re going to get into some more flavoring aspects. We start off with basil. We’ve got a mixture of purple and green basil once again, purple color amazing, color too there’s so few foods are actually purple.

So if you can get hold of purple basil, excellent, excellent potent strong, smelling and tasting basil, so we’re given these or rinse we’re just going to pop all of that in their mothers or finish its go basil and bezels also incredibly easy herb to grow in your Garden, get a seedling, get some seed, get it growing. It really likes a lot of sunlight, so it’s normally only going to grow in the middle or towards the end of summer.

Okay. What else do we have for flavor? We have a little bit of rock salt, and this is Himalayan rock salt. It’s a type of salt. That’s been laid down, thousands, if not millions of years ago, and it’s a complete mineral salt like sea salt is so yeah. You could choose either sea salt or rock salt. I put a bit of that in this is very different salt to the salt that you get you buy, packets of iodized, table salt iodized table salt is not the same thing.

It’s gone through a process where a lot of the minerals are lost and a lot of toxic things are added to it. So make sure you getting a natural source of salt, either sea salt or rock salt is a thing to go through. Go for okay. What else have we got? Ah now we like to have our soup a little creamy, but I’m not going to use any animal cream in here. So i’m going to use nuts and I’ve got some cashew nuts raw cashew nuts and they’ll, give it a creaminess and slack more of a heaviness to the soup to make it more filling.

So I’m just going to put about a handful of cashews in there. Two more there we go. What else is on the table? We’ve got some olive oil, olive oil again bit of an oil eNOS and taste to you, soup for your soup. So just add in about a tablespoon to two tablespoons in there yeah that’ll. Do it that’ll sink through, and then we have all these ones? Let’s put these and go G berries. Now I talked about go geez all the time, because they’re amazing amazing, amazing food.

They have incredible nutritional values to them, so add them into whatever you can now. The reason I want to put them in the soup, firstly, is the color we’re trying to make a red soup red go G. Berries will make it an amazing red orange color. Second reason I want to add the goji berries is for its thickening properties. Go geez make the soup thick, so it acts as a natural thickness. You don’t have to use any other thickness yea once again, not a handful will be fine for that excellent got the goji zip.

Obviously the main thing the goat cheese are doing is upping the nutrient density of our soups and making it have more nutritional value for us and remember we eat for nutritional value. So you want to keep thinking I’m going to add the nutritional value of this meal. What else have I got our got a little bit of cayenne, pepper now, Kane pepper is a type of chili and I like to add chili pot, especially to the red soup color again, but also that spiciness goes very well with the red pepper and with the Tomato, if you don’t like spicy food, you don’t have to add it and Kane pepper is very spicy, so be careful that you don’t add too much in there.

Nothing i’m going to put in about half a teaspoon, I’m actually looking forward to a bit of spiciness. Today and in winter adding spices to your soup is an excellent way of making it warming to the body. So all our ingredients in you can see. I amazingly had layers other thing: you’ll notice is I’ve laded that the most water content foods are at the bottom. So that means that the tomato has got most water in its at the bottom and then goes.

I have to dry a dryer. That’s so that the blades, when they start spinning, have something to grab onto because if you throw the dry stuff in first it’ll, probably get stuck and then you’ll have to use the tamper to squash it or take it all out and put it back in. So this makes it blend a lot easier. Other things you could add are things like garlic. If you like garlic or any other herbs or aghanim is one that comes to mind, but you can play with flavors there.

But let’s get this blending and see what it looks like ready. You want to leave it blending, so you don’t hear, knocks and things because when it’s knocking the little bits are so solid bouncing around. We want a suit to be completely smooth, so you want to blend it until it’s looks and sounds like it’s completely smooth, so very much depends on what you’ve actually put in the blender okay. Now one of the most important things, obviously is the taste test.

Because have you put enough salt? Did you put in too much spice you’ve got to test all of the stuff and that you really can do only with your taste buds. So a teaspoon comes in handy for that wow. That is quite spicy, but I love it. It is excellent, so I’m going to pull that out into a bowl. You can see the amazing orange color in that. If you wanted a more red, you can add in more cane pepper or more goji, berries that’ll make it more red.

Now you have to garnish something properly and what I like the most is the sprouts that I’ve grown in the kitchen garden sprout errs. These are falfa amazing sprouts. Most people have had our felt at some point: grow them in your kitchen, garden, sprouter and then use a handful of that on top perfect. Now, you’ve got some living green sprout energy in your soup, and that’s it. We’ve made a tomato soup, it’s taken us maximum five minutes, it tastes amazing.

It looks amazing anyone’s going to be impressed and think that you’ve been slaving away at the stove for hours, but all you’ve done is just blended up a few things. So we’re going to tuck into that and enjoy that and try this at home see how it works out. If it’s not going smooth enough, maybe you need to likely steam your vegetables to get it soft enough. Maybe your blender can’t handle the the solidness, but just try it you’ll figure out a way to make it delicious now.

Why is this soup better than buying a soup or four shelf in a supermarket somewhere packaged one a ready made meal? Firstly, you’ve put your own love attention and energy into making it mom’s food always tastes better than any other food, and there’s a reason for that, because she loves to feed her children and in that way, when someone makes it themselves there’s always an energy of love And caring that comes through with that food and that can’t be matched with anything that you’re buying the shop.

Secondly, you’ve had control over the ingredients, so you know exactly what’s gone in there. You know you’ve put in good organic ingredients and you have not put in any poisons what poisons could be in there. Well, there could be preservatives that could be flavorants. It could be colorants. There could be all manner of poisons present in package soups that you got to be careful of. You have to read the ingredients and then you’ll learn about that.

What else yeah it’s as quick as may be pouring something in and mixing it through. Maybe a little bit longer, but certainly not as long as doing on a stove. So blending is much quicker for that and I suppose also you learning how to feed yourself as opposed to relying on a shop or someone else to do it for you, which is so important to do, knowing what to do for yourself to nourish yourself. Taking that time for yourself to actually honor your body, it’s the only body you have in this life and, if you’re expecting someone else to do it for you, it’s not going to happen.

You’re just going to get inferior grade low nutrient dense foods that are not going to give your body what it needs, which is that nutrient boost. The other thing, of course, is that the extreme processing that a lot of these things go in to go through to get onto the shelf means that it’s been very denatured. So any vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and certainly antioxidants, are probably not even there anymore by the time you end up eating it.

So, what’s the point of eating food, if it’s not actually giving your nutrition we eat for nutrition for nutrients, so you need to make your own to make sure you’re getting the nutrients in that’s enough reasons to start making your own soup and lastly, of course, is A taste amazing, so full flavor, you can add flavors to it. Okay, enough talking make your own okay excellent. Thank you! Sayonara, most of best soup ever yeah.

I think everyone’s going to want to try this come along. We’ve got some more balls back their legs. Oh around 70, a kilo. So if we’re using a hundred grams there’s a lot that normally picking back, I sell these little better. Oh yeah there were people of messenger Larry hands for, like twenty bucks, yeah grams of nuts father kept protein at all protein. Oh no! You want it now teaspoons, but hey. Thank you very yeah.

Oh you got Big Springs. No, I think, there’s no squeeze an asset makes it go long. Hmm, it’s not half an eater, you just hot water, right, hmm, hot soup! That’s man feels so light. It’s like eating light. Hmm, you are eating, like hmm, transform line, hmm lightly, sound mmm, but boiling water. You could you like to see popping on you, don’t have to use boiling water and the kettle has an anomaly. Point2 water does at 70 Celsius.

It doesn’t like going about 70 because that’s where the molecule stop being deranged, when your kettle will go to around it’ll, take most of the Sun would be around 78 I’ll quickly go to 70 and will stay there for about half the time. It’s boiling then, at the very end, for the last say ten seconds: they’ll shoot up 200. So you can stop it’s a 20 seconds before boils and it’ll be a 79 and 100 and your water wouldn’t have deranged and it’s not spoiling.

But my and that’ll burn your mouth 55 will, if you want it really 55 will burn your mouth and it changed their effect or anything. Well. How about people use it for killing germs and such what is it Jim? It’s just bacteria yeah heaviest organ in our body is bacteria right in kilogram of flora, more cells, more from nor organisms back to olin, isms and cells in our body, Oh seriously, something whose body is it it’s more than than they are of us, but I’m certainly There we asked who I’m that which is conscious or Burton someone’s overrun with them parasites and Candida, yeast and mold, which are also just bacteria, which most people are that stuff likes a certain brand of food as its energy, refined, carbs, refined, sugars and processed meat or Meat, so you think about consciousness of all those millions and millions of organisms and your consciousness from your cells, which is fast mall in proportion wise and how many units they are like people think well yeah.

I very well about eating this junk you’re right. It’s the yeast model, fungus, bacteria and parasites that are influencing consciousness to equal Bayless energy like even then. This morning I was hungry after I got super foods coming, I must have eat crap and I bought jungle. Oats pause – I was like sorry juggalos, but like it’s not very healthy, is it is sugar and stuff we’re turning um and, like other when I’ll come home.

There’s like a banana bread like there’s a mango there and there’s banana bread, and I’m like, I know which one’s good for me, but I got ta eat it. I’r feeding the because you who am I feeding bacteria Candida fungus, molds yeast. We have a visitor and because silos hello, I mean the corporation yeah, so she’ll check this outside god. That’s expect the nearest exit. Maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m maybe I’m maybe I’m free and alone.

I maybe I’m scared me happy dreaming of a broken heart since the day we made happened, dreaming of a broken heart and I can’t forehead


71 – Allergic to my probiotics? – My lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis journey

I’Ve got my son at home today because it’s in some holidays and I keep getting interrupted by the phone and by hand so I’ll have to make this really brief. Um I try anyway, okay, I basically um. I think I figured something really important out all this problem. I’Ve been having with my abdomen and not really understand. What’S going on down there, so just discomfort, I suppose you call it, but it’s and also had really bad diarrhea.

When I took my as if timicin for a week as well James go away sweetie, um yeah, so all of that stuff is just a kind of rambling on and I’m I don’t really on some scale. I know I think I figured out that I am allergic to my probiotics. I hope I forgets that I hope that’s what it is, because I could just stop taking them, although on the other hand, it is a bit of a bummer, because it means that I can’t unifies to take antibiotics again.

I would find difficult to find a probiotic that I could tolerate, so it is quite serious, actually very thick valid. Oh my body, you know it’s weird, because the probiotics are formulated so that they, you know they should be tolerable by everybody. They’Re benign strains of helpful bacteria that, like 20 bucks Ellison said, I think, is the lactobacillus in particular. The reason I say all this is because I stopped drinking milk and then like a week ago or something and I mean it was helping, but it wasn’t it wasn’t.

I wasn’t feeling properly better. I think I don’t know it’s really difficult to say and I wasn’t promptly better anyway and then I was thinking about thinking. Well, if I having problem digesting lactose, then maybe lactobacillus, even though that actually helps you digest lactose, because it’s a bacteria and and my body really hates bacteria apparently are including yeast and mold and all forms or forms of bacteria that are benign all or pathogenic um.

You know, maybe that maybe I just I mean the thing is the flare that I’ve been having anything having a really bad arthritis flare. You can see well, I could see anyway, really swollen fingers and been taking one diclofenac a day of my husband’s, which I shouldn’t really do, but I wouldn’t be able to manage otherwise and it’s only a 50 milligram once a days of market, big dose or anything. I’M going to go and see my GP next week, the first point that could get, but nevertheless, this flared that I’ve been having seems to have been coming on.

I think, since I last went to Breakspear, which is when I got this different than I usually use bottle of probiotics. Normally I use a dr. Mercola brand, and this time I’ve got back on and love the name of it. The brakes be around any way that the one that they purchase and a couple was cool anyway, it’s 25 billion units of lactobacillus strains of bacteria. I think some bifida bacteria as well and and that’s like a big dose, but actually the ones are saying before the dr mercola ones – would like 60 billion plus.

So it’s a higher dose now either. This has got some strain in there that my body just really hates, or it won’t the quantity, although it’s lower than it was on the previous or the. The interesting thing is when I started taking dr. McCoy bacteria, because I probiotics rather because I thought that I was you know, I’m not taking enough probiotics, which I probably wasn’t. I was taking like and they’re like 10 billion, or something tops previously by taking severals of several pills a day when I switch the Dutchman, Philip Mudd, I suddenly got my throat is, took a turn for the worse, and I didn’t know why at the time and It might have nothing to do with it for all I know, but it I did questions at time when I’d see my GP, I did say, do you think it’s possible probiotics are making me worse.

I wrote to dr. Michaels website and they said no, probably not you know people don’t have a problem with this, but of course most people aren’t allergic to bacteria. So it’s entirely possible that the worst thing that I had then that’s like two years ago. I think, and the worst thing I’ve had recently is my body having to either get used to a new strain of bacteria that it really doesn’t like all the sheer quantity itself and, of course, when I tried to beat vas a few weeks ago.

That’S when I noticed the same day, not just a bad hoax, where I was twitching and obviously the exhaustion and everything that goes with it. The nausea, but also a really bad arthritis flare, and I thought maybe it would just pass. It would be like a hurrican and then after a couple of days, I’d feel better in and then I tried taking the big vest like a couple more times and again it triggered this arthritic flare and in the end I just poured it away.

I thought you know, I just don’t know whether that’s a positive thing, that’s going to ease off there. I use it or whether that’s just like me having an allergic reaction to it and it’s possible that, because there’s like it’s just crammed full of lactobacillus, I think big fast. I think its culture from away culture, which is like off milk, which also, of course at lactobacillus, it’s possible that I primed my body to be really really allergic to it or as it previously.

It was more tolerant of it by doing that. I so often do this. I go and do something extreme in an attempt to heal myself fix myself and in the process on you know, uncover or reveal the reason why I’ve been reacting well or badly, something in the first place and it’s it’s kind of its like two steps forward. But like 15 steps back, but you know, knowledge is power and knowledge is the thing and if I, if I can trigger out that, maybe maybe I can take probiotics, but I need to take smaller amounts.

Perhaps or I need to take strains that I can tolerate. Maybe I don’t have it the absolute, not certainty that I’m right on this by the way, so I this this could well change. In a few days, I, the last to that I haven’t taken my friend rhotic for three days now and the first day didn’t know so much of a difference, but the last two days my guts have been just lovely fine, so um fingers crossed I’ve got this Right but like I say, it’s kind of a just goes to show that this this allergy to to bacteria is a serious, serious thing for me and even having the bacteria mine in in my vaccine injection.

Presumably, that’s got some strains in it, but not all of the ones that are in my probiotics. I guess so. I need to talk to dr I’m about that at brix me when I go back and just ask her what strains are in it and you know, maybe if I can find a probiotic that just contains those strains or something I don’t know it’s rich. It’S all deeply frustrating you know I just want to. I want to go back two hours.

I not doing this flare. I did the thing about the flowers is if it was just pain, it wouldn’t be so bad, but um you know pain is paying pains annoying, but it’s it’s just pain. He said I mean, but the real problem with arthritis flares is that they make you exhaust it, and that is when you can’t function, I mean with ice. It really depends how bad the pain is. Obviously, but when you’ve got in a moderate pain, then you can just sort of do less.

Maybe but you kind of you just force yourself to do it, but with with exhaustion, though it means you can’t think, and you are, you can’t be bothered and to you you’re not taking as much pleasure and everything, because it’s it’s all wearing you out and at The end of every day, at the minute, i’m suffering myself in bed, just it’s also kind of enough energy to read or do any of the things I enjoy.

You know bring autumn it more television the last week, because I just or not much actually, but you know more than I would because it’s it’s that needs less my brain to do it. I don’t know this is what I hate about. My arthritis is: is that the full body information? It’S not just like it’s in your joints, it’s in your brain as well, yeah anyway. So if enough of the Phoenix home for myself but but if I could figure is that, if I could, if I this reaction, having is if it’s a reaction to the probiotics and I can stop taking probiotics and reduce the inflammation in my bowel.

Hopefully, hopefully it will reduce the inflammation in my joints to I, it could be that I’ve just had a virus as possible. They no one else in my family did so I don’t doubt that and it’s possible that the bad bells were a result of these. As a meissen, that’s possible too, and then we kind of doubt thats well, I think maybe I just really annoyed my immune system with that big fast and I just made it so that it where is it it’s barely tolerating they like to eric cells before now? It really really ain’t going to flying like I can’t have it anymore, not in quantity.

Anyway. I think how serious this is for me. I don’t know x at 0. Anyway, I grow up buddy, okay, I’m rambling that and yep. That’S it that’s it hopefully, hopefully onwards and upwards. Hopefully I can

Spunks pumpkin seeds are great for boosting your immune system! Below is a great video about the benefits of this great pumpkin seed snack!