African staples gets an upgrade to Superfoods

What are African superfoods the super, because they’re rich in multi vitamins, antioxidants and everything else to keep your body fit and healthy. Some have even taken superfoods to a new level. Today we talk to Antonio de Luca at the leafy greens, cafe and she’s, going to take you through a gastronomic taste sensation, so superfoods. The idea of superfoods is that they are foods that are highest.

In particular, nutrient density of an entire group of foods. Moringa grows on a tree in southern Africa. It’s a really small little leaf. The leaf is dried at low temperatures, usually in the Sun, then it’s crushed up or or put into a for earn a form. That’s very fine like a powder and then that Moringa can be added to your smoothies and things which we are going to do today, but Moringa would be the highest in certain vitamins or minerals in the net food category.

Let’s talk a little bit about Bayer babe. These little white, almost dried pups inside and what we do is we take that powder into a nice fine powder form and that baobab is very, very high in calcium. In fact, it’s got three or four times the amount of calcium than that milk cacao chocolate in its purest purest raw organic form is a definite superfood and yes, chocolate is good for you. This has been known to be more valuable than gold in ancient cultures.

So a wonderful, wonderful, superfood then kale kale is is a green, a dark, leafy green vegetable somewhere between spinach and cabbage, quite christopher’s, quite quite a hearty vegetable down in a blender which we are going to do today in our smoothie or it can be cut into Really small pieces or torn into tiny little pieces and then, in fact, massaged with a little bit of citrus to break down that cellulose and kale is extremely extremely high in iron and protein vitamin K all different vitamins.

It’s such a wonderful, wonderful superfood. We all know spinach, wonderful, dark, green leafy vegetable and also can be used in the smoothies. We also add that to our green juices and obviously – and we know how to cook cook spinach and use that then tamarind is also another wonderful superfood tamarind is a pod and you use it in recipes to get that. Amami, flavor and tamarind is wonderful. To add to you too dressings and it can be added to smoothies, but a beautiful, beautiful super food in hibiscus.

Hibiscus is a flower just behind me here. I’ve got a beautiful, hibiscus, iced tea, which we’ve done for our customers. Today, we’ve added a little bit of honey, a little bit of lemon, and these wonderful, beautiful, hibiscus flowers and hibiscus is very high in resveratrol and resveratrol is known to for longevity and to increase one’s shelf life and beautiful, beautiful super food. So smoothies are so wonderful because you get fiber because you’re going to you’ll see we were using the kale and the spinach and so there’s a lot of fiber in the smoothies, which is good for cattle and for digestion and that, but it’s blended.

So it’s in a predigested form, so the body can really utilize all of those wonderful vitamins and minerals that you’re going to be getting from the smoothie, especially when you’re adding all these wonderful superfoods. So let’s put a few pieces of frozen banana in there, but I’m going to put a few pieces of pineapple. It’s a lovely little blender jug, then to sweeten today I’m going to use dates.

These are also grown in southern Africa. They come from a little bit further up, I think northern northern province, then i’m going to take the kale. This is curly kale. This is black kale cavalo Nero and I’m just going to take it off the stem. It’s not vital, but it’s it’s better for for the taste of the smoothie in case you don’t blend that whole stem smooth. So I’m just going to put those leaves right in there.

Then I’m going to take a little bit of the spinach and do the same thing take off that mean main stem, then I’ve got this bear bear powder, looks like a white powder. So again that was very high in calcium, I’m just going to put about a teaspoon and a half in there. Then we’ve got the cacao powder, so this is going to be a bit of a chocolatey drink. So let’s not hold back on the chocolate. Let’s do to keep two teaspoons of the chocolate.

Then we’ve got the Moringa. We don’t want to overdo the Moringa. We only want about a half a teaspoon of the Moringa because it does have direct effects. If you have too much – and we don’t want that today – then we’ve got some almonds – you can use any raw nuts or seeds as a little bit of a fat in your smoothie. So our almonds have been sprouted. What I mean by that is the almonds: have been soaked in water overnight, just to release the enzyme inhibitors that the nuts have inside of them and then they’ve been dried again in a dehydrator at low temperatures, to retain the enzymes so and to activate the enzyme.

So I’m going to put about a tablespoon and a half of almonds in there, then I am going to put a little bit of Mesquite. I haven’t spoken about Mosquitia, either mosquitoes white carob and that also grows in South Africa. Okay, so now I’ve got everything in my blender jug. I do need a little bit of liquid, but look how beautiful that looks. So I’m going to add a little bit of our hibiscus tea, just to get the blender jug going for a minute or so so here we have it a beautiful chocolatey, superfood, smoothie, wonderful way to start your morning very cleansing protein, rich mineral, rich and just totally Delicious variety of the leafy green restaurant.

What better way to spend your money that are Africans absolutely supporting local and enjoying great