Probiotics – A New Way to Improve Oral Health

I am your host Scott fry and today, on the show we’re going to be talking a bit about a new and development topic in dentistry probiotics now probiotics are simply live organisms that have significant health benefits and I’m sure a lot of you out. There are familiar with some of the other applications of probiotics like digestive health, which there are a lot of commercials on TV nowadays now, but we’re going to be talking specifically about probiotics, dentistry and for what we understand about how bacterial communities in the mouth cause disease.

Like gum disease or cavities, we know that there are, in fact several strains of bacteria and actually more than several, that are very, very healthy bacteria and important for rural health. So essentially, what we like to do is to make choices in our diet and in our daily routines, to enhance the growth of these good bacteria, and this is where probiotics come in. So probiotics are helpful in two major ways: your methods of action of necessity, number one.

They modified proteins in the mouth and effect bacterial byproducts to keep the bad bacteria from flourishing and also that will enhance the growth of very healthy bacteria and, secondly, they can also they have the potential to colonize areas of the palate and produce a longer of lasting Benefit so what this means is that probiotics can produce various different oral health benefit as anything from improving bad breath to fighting cavities.

Now you go online and purchase some different, probiotic powders. Actually, their breath, I think, offers one particular strain and powders to your cereal. In the morning, or just rub them around, on your teeth, they’re also so mints, but one really great way. One really great source of probiotics is in fact yogurt and specifically yogurts with live cultures like Activia, and if not only do these yogurts have calcium and milk proteins, which will help strengthen your teeth, but they have the live cultures and the probiotics that will produce these Additional oral health benefits, so I hope you all found this useful today and I’ll see you again next week and we’ll talk more about this new and fascinating area.

Take care.

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