Pumpkin seed – Wikipedia Article Audio

The seeds are typically rather flat and asymmetrically oval and light green in color and may have a white outer hull. Some cultivars are hulless and are grown only for their seed. The seeds are nutrient rich with especially high content of protein dietary fiber and numerous micronutrients.

The word can refer either to the Hult kernel or unhulled whole seed and most commonly refers to the roasted end. Product cuisine, nutrition, oil, traditional medicine, pumpkin seats are a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine and are also roasted and served as a snack, marinated and roasted. They are an autumn seasonal snack in the United States, as well as a commercially produced and distributed packaged.

Snack, like sunflower seeds, available year-round pepitas are known by their Spanish name and typically salted and sometimes spiced after roasting in Mexico and other Latin American countries in the American Southwest and in speciality and Mexican food stores. The earliest known evidence of the domestication of Cucurbita dates back eight comma, zero, zero, zero, ten comma zero zero zero years ago predating the domestication of other crops such as maize and common beans in the region.

By about four thousand years, changes in fruit shape and color indicate intentional breeding of CP PO occurred by no later than eight thousand years ago. The process to develop the agricultural knowledge of crop domestication took place over five comma zero, zero, zero, six comma five hundred years. In Mesoamerica, squash was domesticated first with maize second, followed by beans all becoming part of the three sisters, agricultural system as an ingredient in mole dishes.

They are known in Spanish as papeon. A Mexican snack using pepitas in an artisan fashion is referred to as pbut Oriya lightly. Roasted salted unhulled pumpkin seeds are popular in greece, with the descriptive italian named pass a tempo. The pressed oil of the roasted seats of a Cucurbita pepo subs people, var storica, is also used in Central and Eastern Europe as cuisine. An example of this is pumpkin seed oil in a 100 gram serving the seats are calorie, dense and an excellent source of protein dietary fiber niacin iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus.

The seeds are a good source of riboflavin, folate, pantothenic acid, sodium and potassium. The oil of pumpkin seeds, Akula nary specialty in an important export commodity of Central Europe, is used in cuisine as a salad and cooking oil. The following are ranges of fatty acid content in Sea, Maxima pepitas, the total unsaturated fatty acid concentration ranged from 9 % to 21 % of the Pepita. The total fat content ranged from 11 % to 52 %, based on the quantity of alpha tocopherol extracted in the oil.

The vitamin E content of 12c maxima cultivar seeds ranged from 4 to 19 mg. / 100g of Pepita pumpkin seats were once used as an anthelmintic. In traditional medicine, by indigenous people of North America to expel tapeworms and other intestinal parasites, this led to the seats being listed in the United States pharmacopoeia as an anti-parasitic from 1863 until 1936.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (Vegan) | Summer Edition 🌞🌴

It has been a hot minute since I uploaded a what I eat in a day article on this YouTube blog and so today I’m super excited to be sharing with you, my favorite foods that I have been enjoying in the summer season. I feel like I’m, not your typical summer, eater in the sense that I still really really enjoy my warm hearty food in this season, but regardless.

I hope this article provides some inspiration for you to get into the kitchen and get creative and enjoy the amazing plant-based food. We have on this beautiful alrighty, let’s get into the article, and this is what I ate in a day in summer, as one of my favorite things to start the day with in summer will probably come as no surprise, and it is some kind of smoothie and Milkshake iced cacao combo, most of the time today I started with some frozen bananas as well as some oats.

Then I added in some salted caramel protein as well as some cacao powder, and then I used some sweetened hemp milk to top it all off. I then blended this all together until it was a nice and smooth consistency. I use a Vitamix for most of my blending by the way and then put it up into a nice jar, and this was a really really light, but decadent way to start the day. I feel like light and decadent might cancel each other out, but yeah I really enjoy it after this.

I then decided I was feeling something savory, so I first of all started by putting 1 chopped tomato as well as a handful of corn from the can that had been washed, of course, into a bowl. I then added in the juice of half of a lime, as well as a little bit of salt. I love making this sort of fresh salsa thing to go on lots of different things. To be honest, I feel like it’s just so easy to make and tastes really good.

To be honest, I then it got a loaf of glue, free bread. This is from a bakery on the Gold Coast called Marie Anita’s, which is a fully gluten-free Bakery. It’s really really good. I got two pieces of this bread and put half of an avocado on each slice, and then I topped it off with the fresh salsa that I had made as well as some pumpkin seeds, and this is a really really refreshing and light savory meal that I Really really enjoy having in the summertime when it is just too hot to even eat toast.

You know those feels one thing that I feel like I really crave. A lot in the summer is potato. I don’t know if it’s just in Australia, but it’s just like a lifestyle kind of thing that when you’ve just gone to the beach, I feel, like my body, is always craving like potato chips and that’s all so today I decided to honor those cravings and I Cut up five white potatoes into wedge sized pieces, and then I put them in the bowl with some olive oil, and then I mix this all together with my hand, so that it was distributed evenly once that was all done and then topped it with some salt.

As well as some pepper and paprika, I also love seasoning these with, like other mixed herbs, Moroccan seasoning. Honestly, I advise you to get creative with your seasoning, because it has completely transformed my cooking world. I baked these in the oven for about 40 minutes until they were nice and crispy and served them with some vegan mayonnaise, and this was a super simple efficient, really really tasty lunch to be honest, moving on to dinner and we are making one of my favorite Meals to make at the moment in particular my housemate Sam, is so good at making this food, I started first of all with half a block of tempeh and two pieces of gluten-free bread, and I toasted them in the oven by making croutons and tempeh as you Can probably tell then in a bowl I put a few stalks of kale leaves as well as a little bit of cucumber, which I had chopped as well as the juice of half a lime.

I have been loving lime in my summer food, as you may be able to notice once that was all put in the bowl I just mixed it all together until it distributed evenly. Then I like to add one of my absolute favorite foods, which is sun-dried tomatoes. I just feel like sun-dried tomatoes are so full of flavor and they add the perfect like burst, of flavor to any dish and then once my croutons and my tempeh had been baked in the oven for long enough, I topped it like, so I then also decided To add some vegan mayonnaise on top the vegan mayonnaise I like to use, is this: follow your heart vegenaise.

They also have a garlic one which is really young, and I put this on top. So this is essentially what I like to call a vegan Caesar salad. I really really enjoy it. I know that Caesar salads are like super particular, but this is what I call it. I love it and I have been especially enjoying it in the summer alrighty, my beautiful friends, so that is everything that I ate in a day, if you’re still here reading and make sure to go down to the comments below – and let me know what your summer Staple meals, I would absolutely love some inspiration for myself and love to hear what type of creative things you’re doing in the kitchen at the moment.

As always. Thank you so much for being here, and I will see you very soon for another article have a beautiful day. Bye,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.



Healthy Blueberry Pancakes Recipe (The Plant Paradox-Approved)

You know something sweet and decadent and a little over the top, and you shouldn’t miss out just because you’re eating the Gundry way. That’s why I came up with a plant paradox friendly version of everyone’s favorite indulgent breakfast blueberry pancakes. Now my oven, baked blueberry pancake is a little different for one. It’s not made of wheat flour and it’s not slathered in maple syrup.

It’s kind of a cross between a pancake and a cake, and it’s perfect for this time of year when blueberries are actually in season, but you can make it all year round. Just leave out the blueberries, no matter what it’s still delicious. It’s got loads of flavor on its own thanks to the lemon, the vanilla and the coconut, and since you make it in a blender you’re only going to get two dishes dirty making breakfast the blender and a pie tin.

So then you’re going to lightly spray. A pipe in with some olive oil spray or some coconut oil spray and be ready to use that okay. So now we’re going to take all of our ingredients and we’re going to put them in a blender. So we’re going to take some coconut oil that we’ve already melted and we’re going to take some vanilla extract. Please use the real stuff we’re going to throw in some salt we’re going to use aluminum free baking powder, we’re going to use baking soda and about six drops of stevia.

I love the sweet leaf brand and a couple of pastured or omega-3 eggs. Then we’re going to take some coconut yogurt plain coconut yogurt. If you can’t find it, please feel free to substitute goat, yogurt or sheep yogurt, but please don’t use American yogurt or Greek yogurt. It’s got casein a1. Then we’re going to add our dry ingredients. We’re going to take some coconut flour and some almond flour and some tapioca.

Now I actually prefer cassava, which is more coarse than tapioca, but they’re both from the same root and we’re going to put all that in our blender. Okay. So we’ll put that in and we’re just going to pulse it for a little bit and then take spatula, scrape it down. Okay. Now the other thing once you’ve got that blend you’re going to grate a lemon and just get a grater gets kind of the coarse grater.

You don’t have to be perfect about this. Please get your fingers out of the way. I don’t want to have to see you in the emergency room, so we’re going to take that zest and and we’re going to cut the lemon in half use a juicer cuz. A lot of our lemons, particularly here in California, if you’re coming out of the yard or full of seeds – and you don’t really want seeded blueberry pancakes, okay, so we’re going to throw that and the zest back in and if you want to do this as part Of the first step, that’s fine with me, and in goes the zest, don’t be afraid of the zest, believe it or not.

There’s an amazing component in lemon peel called lemon and that I’ve talked about before it actually contains is a really cool compound. So it’s great for you every day: okay, back we go around boy and we’re ready to go and that’s really all you need. This is going to be fairly thin. Looking and that’s going right into our pie pan and then what I like to do is sprinkle the blueberries on top and we’ve got some blueberries fresh from the farmers market they’re.

Actually, in season now and we’re just going to put not too many but a good handful of blueberries – remember fruit is a treat you have to treat it like candy, okay, we’re ready to throw this in the oven and away we go. So you want to bake your pancake until it’s golden brown around the edges and firm in the center takes about 25 minutes. You know it’s really the perfect amount of time to set the table wash the dishes and feed the dog.

So when the pancake is done, you want to remove it from the oven and let it cool to room temperature before serving it’ll feed 2 to 3 people easily. You know it’s really that easy blend bake and serve so the next time you want to feed someone. You love a special breakfast feed them, something that loves them back, I’m dr. Steven and Gundry, and I’m always looking out for you. But right now I’m going to look out for myself, fantastic thanks for reading click, the circular blog icon to subscribe and make sure you don’t miss a single article.

Click on the left to read another great article and don’t forget to visit my website for more of my best tips, because I’m dr. Gundry and I’m always looking out for you.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.


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2019-09-04 WIEW (Keto Full Day of Eating)

Yes, getting my entire life working on stuff. Already I decided to have some water. I woke up and I was thirsty the first thing in the morning what that that never happened. So I’ve drank this entire thing of water. I am going to stop working in like an hour to force myself to exercise I’m going to be lifting weights, but before then I will be having a zip fist so check back in with me later.

I just wanted to say good morning. I really just wanted to show off my awesome, robe collar, so there’s that, but I am hard at work. Some of you should see some emails coming up from me were to all my patrons, but I am going to get back to it and I’ll see you when it’s time to shake okay guys. It is time to stop one form of work so that I can start another for work and if you can tell that means, I’m just going to start exercising.

That is my other form of work. I got my hashtag wack swag here and I’m going to Roulettes a BAM for punch yeah for puns. It fizz. I love fruit, punch not going to lie four flavors in my roulette. Is it’s too few flavors, it’s not little as too little as too few okay. It’s not enough. Basically, I just I keep we’re letting the same ones. I’m excited to get my additional three flavors of Zipf is in the mail this week, so that I can bring it back up to seven so that there will be a little bit more variability.

I mean fruit punch is nowhere near becoming the newly mown, but still I want some more variance, but from punches delicious. I love it. Let’s get shooting whoa well, that was easy. Okay, fruit punch, alright guys. I hear that fizz! Oh my god. When does the last time you actually took the time to listen to the fence up as if fizz, absolutely alright, guys, let’s get ready to shake it in three two one to a productive short week: okay, guys, I’m currently reorganizing my office, meaning that all the crap That was in my office is now out in my gym area.

It’s only had like a three foot by three foot space to work out, so I’m going to do some weight lifting exercises today, but I’m going to drink this for a little bit and then I’ll get working. Oh, Oh sneezy mix sneeze our sin built-in. What are you doing? Oh Hilton, baby boy, Maddie’s, always a good. Oh Melton, selfish! Oh, you said you sat for mom, okay, you said for mom cuz. You want food, Bubba, okay, okay or you just wanted to block Maddie.

That is rude, but nobody can keep me from my Maddie girl who doesn’t look at the camera. Please Madeline, please Madeline! Okay, okay! Back to the star back to the star, the show, Oh back to the sleepy star. Look at you! Bubby! Look at you Bobby Bobby! Okay, alright, that’s enough! That’s enough! No! I love you, okay, guys. It is time for me to eat it’s just a big plate of food. I have my roasted broccoli and onion that I made it is so good, and then I have my ground beef and it’s just ground beef and, of course, I’ll put some hot sauce on there with that seasoning that I cooked it up with and like this is Just simple and delicious: this is as simple as it can be: vegetables and meat, and it’s delicious mm-hmm.

So I’m going to eat this, then ever come back from uh sweet treats okay guys just in here. I have that chocolate on the milk. I have some coffee. I had to use peer instead of luck and so today, because I am out – and I am devastated, so I’m reordering some – the can tell immediately I have coats for both like Hansel and the preferred chocolate collagen that I put in here as well. I mean it is chocolatey and delicious.

I definitely prefer the like Anto monk, fruit sweetener, but this is great and it’ll definitely do. I also have two of my little chocolate fat bombs. I mean it’s the same ratio as the original recipe which I’ll post right here, but I just flipped the portioning in half, so I can have two instead of one big bar, so I’m going to eat these drink, my beverage and close my window and then might Be back for some jello indoorsy via tonight: okay, guys taking a little break from work cuz.

I got some packages in the back. I have to go to the post office to drop off all the outstanding wack swag orders. So if you order some wack swag be on the lookout this week. Okay, guys the evening is coming to a close for me at five o’clock p.M. Because that’s my life and I’m okay with it. So I am going to drink Mzee BIA and have my jello. I find that some days when I end my eating window at like 1:00 p.

M. By like 2:30 or 3:00 o’clock, I want my Ziva and jello and when I have it, then that’s when I get into trouble later at night. So I think that by waiting till after 5:00, but still like before seven o’clock, because I don’t like to eat anything after seven o’clock regardless. But if I can just wait until after 5:00. That really puts me in a good place, to feel satisfied for the rest of the night, so I’m going to have my sweet treats and I’m calling it a day.

Overall, this whole dairy-free thing is going very well. I think limiting your diet in certain ways forces you to be creative in other ways or even just appreciate things that you might not have appreciated before. So like it’s been a really cool experience. Are you doing any special dietary restrictions or any sort of challenge? For September comment down below, thank you so much for reading this article.

If you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my blog read autumn keto I make weekly milk reps weekly, what I eat: Wednesdays, monthly, weigh-ins, monthly, kiddo, crate unboxing and the occasional product review and recipe. You can also find me on Instagram, Facebook and patreon at read autumn Quito thanks and I’ll see you next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!



NEW PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER | Pumpkin Spice + Vanilla Chai

Today we are so excited. To announce something we’ve been waiting on for Probably years at this point, our Wild Power Plants hemp protein powder Marcy. What do you think of this? So I’m very excited Call me basic, but I Actually, love everything that is pumpkin spice, flavored Woo So I am so excited for this and we actually just got to Try it – and it is amazing, It tastes just like a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, but it’s — Without all the junk in it.

Yes, without all the junk and sugar. So do you wan na tell Them about what’s in it Yeah, So the basic ingredients Are our pumpkin spice protein powder, which is Organic and also hemp protein, which is a really nice alternative for people who don’t Consume animal proteins: We have a lot of people, Who have been waiting for this product and it’s delicious if you just blend it into your coffee or even just nut milk Or water, if you will And it’s sweetened with stevia, so you don’t need to add Anything to the drink, It’s a beautiful, vanilla, Chai flavor, that is like super decadent and delicious, And for all of you vegans out there.

This is what you need to be taking. It is plant protein once again, I’m actually dairy-free myself. So this is a great alternative for me And if you want to make Pumpkin protein pancakes – this is your best friend. I can only imagine how Delicious those are going to be Mm-mm. We’re definitely going to have to make some recipes for you guys And who says pumpkin. Spice has to be in the fall. No me ( upbeat electronic music ).

As always, we thank You guys for joining us, and we hope you enjoy this content If you did enjoy it, make Sure to hit that, like button turn the bell on for notifications and welcome to our new subscriber Johnny. So we will be sure to provide You guys, with a code below to purchase our new plant proteins, You can all give it a try. Also our Living Wild Podcast is up and running: We have about six episodes.

That have launched we’re so excited to put That out there for you, The content is awesome. We have a great time and We really encourage you all to come and hangout and join us and we will provide That link below as well So again, we appreciate you guys. We love you and we’ll see you soon. Goodnight Bye,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.


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HUGE Costco KETO Haul!! Did we buy TOO much?

So pretty much, no dairy, no carbs, no good stuff. You can’t admit it Augusta, no ice cream, no bread, Nana, look all the things that we normally. You can’t have none of that. Okay, but you eat like meats inside there, so it’s actually not bad. So it’s like kind of could give and take relationship with this keto diet, but I’ve heard some good things about it.

Let me know, have you heard anything about it, then? In the comment section below and also let me know how you went on a keto die before and how did it work out for you so before we started article, please for me and my baby make sure you guys go down and, like this article, all right Also, if you’re new to the blog go ahead, subscribe bra, some of the previous articles, you’ve every and yet turn I’ll put some of the case.

Even if I’m going to jump that bad boy, you can’t go to Costco today: okay, okay, no Costco! Today, alright! Look! I like taking places, but I wouldn’t want to see a dog up in the food section and stuff like that way. I’m about to go buy me some food. You scratch you hate to see your dog scratch it over there in the food section when I’m looking at some steaks chicken breast some – I don’t know. Oh, what’s up that boy, you, okay, right! You, okay, look! You can’t go with us! Alright, you can go to get that boy.

He caused me to drop my phone. Hopefully I ain’t break it again. Members last last my I broke it. Three times: listen um! I had to go, get it fixed all three times. So that’s good! So look, you Sandra, went and bought some watermelon. So we can do this challenge so we’re going to see how many rubber bands that does it take to actually pop a watermelon but we’re going to get a bigger watermelons in these ones.

I know, but we’re going to get bigger ones than these ones, alright. So, looking out for that article, alright we’re going to see how look how many rubber bands do y’all think it take to actually bus a watermelon baby, I’m going to say, like a hundred uh hundred, she said I’m going to try to think like a cow okay. So we’re going to go pick up some watermelon, a big watermelon and we’re going to pick up a whole big pack of rubber bands.

So we can do this article for y’all and bring it to you and see I’m so. Hopefully I like, if you like it, then we’ll probably try to do more articles, like that more articles, where we put like a little Tom effort into it man, instead of like blogs all right. So that’s what I’m thinking. Let me know how ya feelin, by turning the conversation below and like I said I would go in the Constitution, all right, so look baby cost all right, so we got see, look look at her red-handed picking out some line.

So no, we didn’t picked up some shrimp. We didn’t pick up. Some ribs either picked up some salmon and some steak. I said I said the shrimp shrimp and steak. So all of this is is a part of the keto diet. So just me, you might want to try to keep our diet actually pretty good. What else we got ta get back. One we got ta get some one guy gone last Estela rose got some fire one. Is it a party Kyodai you guys, but I think you can actually drink wine.

You want a glass of wine or I’m going to keep going. Look it around and see what we find. You got something. Let’s go yeah, look what we came across right here, a little taco, a little platter. No, you can make it on top. That’s pretty dope. Y’All love, Costco, go Cosmo, that’s the best. The best like samples, look, look, look. They got sausages over there sausages back. There. Yo you can get fooled just off the samples come in the Costco and trust me.

They don’t mind. Give you look. You take one two three, I might take four with me. Look some more samples. What’s this huh? Oh, so this is how it look right here and try. Thank you. Those are all right. Oh these samples, don’t taste good all the time but hey they agree make. It was good, though there we go. Okay, yo we’re in the freezer section right now it is breathe, but I don’t know if they can I’m thinking in my smoke.

Look we in the freezer section right now. You know I just the way I like lettuce and like fruits and vegetables and stuff, like that. I saw it anybody, but look she over there picking out something like spring. What what you pick it out? Some spinach boat mix, okay, okey, don’t mix yeah! Look at our basket right now, grocery shop and look everything is kitto friendly, so we got the sausages. You got well, that’s detergent, down there and stuff like that.

We got some like squash and zucchini some asparagus. Oh yeah, look at everything in the best right now. My baby, she bout to start putting one thing right now. I love this and trivedi like me doing it only because she says she goes a lot faster, so I mean it kind of makes sense, though, well with the keto diet in everything that we order. We get nothing that wasn’t on the keto diet. Everything came out.

We got a lot of this cute or dieting and cheese, oh, except for the wine, except for the wine. Everything came out. 388. 40. So this keto diet ain’t cheap. But if you want to get right, you want to get in shape. You guys sometimes got paid. Oh my random little puns in order to get there. So that’s what we’re doing right now. I’d probably try to Hakkasan just show you how a whole of everything that we got as far as the keto diet.

Now let me go ahead and help her put everything in the car yeah I’ll get it. I mean I got to put peaches in the car, so that’s good, so we are back at the house and it’s time for me to show you guys what we got at Costco. So, like Kevin said it was around 388, almost almost $ 400. Now this is probably the big grocery shopping that we do like at the beginning of the month and we get a lot of meat. So a lot of those needs.

We deep freeze and then use throughout the month and then throughout the month. If we need to pick up any extras, then we’ll just hit up like the local grocery store and just grab little things here and there our grocery list, let’s based off of the keto diet. The keto diet is like no carbs, no sugar and just a lot of foods with fat in it, and let me go ahead and show you guys the meat we picked up some pork belly so Kevin makes some really good.

Pork belly ends that I cannot wait until we make. We got some ribs, you can definitely eat ribs. We also got some rib eye steak and, as you can see, we got a big pack, so we’re definitely going to freeze some of this some shrimp and some Selman, as well as some bacon for like breakfast, we usually like to eat like bacon and eggs, and Then, for a dinner or like for lunch will either have like a salad like we could either make like a steak, salad, a Salomon solid.

We could even eat some shrimp, veggies shrimp with veggies some steak, some state yes and staking asparagus. You could do that ribs and asparagus. Pork belly ends, and I don’t know we’ll just figure some stuff out. We can also eat sausages, so we picked up some sausages. These are so good. You guys, if you are near a Costco, if you have a membership pick. Some of these up, these are so good. We’ve picked up some little cheese to snack on some butter.

Butter is always good to have as well as pistachios. Last month we picked up some pistachios, but we had to crack them open. They were in their shells, and then I seen this today and I was like what this is definitely save us some time we picked up this time around some squash, some yellow squash and zucchini. So maybe we can use this as a side with our meats, some asparagus. We got some spinach some watermelon.

I picked these two mini watermelons up at sprouts the other day, and then we picked up this big ol water well in today, at Costco, onions isn’t really. Okay to eat on the keto diet, they tell you to avoid heaven and I love onions and we just cannot live without them. I think the only thing we’ll probably do is eat them in moderation all right. So then we got some peaches and these aren’t all the way ripe yet, but we can definitely let them sit out and let them get a little bit more right.

So I picked this up. This is a keto collagen protein powder, so it’s a collagen protein powder. I’ve been trying to do some research, and they say collagen is very good for you, which it really is. It’s good for your hair, your nails, it’s good for your skin, it’s good for anti-aging, it’s just all-around, really good for you. It also helps with like joint pain if you you’re having joint pain, there’s a lot of benefits to putting collagen into your daily intake.

However, it is pills protein. However, you want to take it. I decided to go ahead. Do some research and I wanted to get a collagen powder, but then I seen that which is with protein powder – and I don’t have protein powder right now and I think that is one thing I am missing since I’ve been working out a lot and I need To go ahead and add a protein powder into my daily intake like either after a workout or I can use it as a meal replacement.

So I seen that our Costco I’m definitely going to try it. Hopefully, it’s good one more thing: we did pick up some wine, some Stella Rosa peach peach and we picked up this one tropical mango Moscato and, of course, that’s not under the keto diet. This probably has a lot of sugar, but, like I said it’s okay at the end of the week, to have a glass of wine definitely treat yourself here and there it’s all about having a balanced diet and that’s what I’m all about all right, you guys so That is the end of the article.

Thank you guys so much for reading our article and, if you liked, if you would like to see more of these types of articles, make sure you hit that like button comment down below. Maybe let us know if you would like to see us do a article where we show you will be cook for a night cook for dinner cook for lunch just comment down below. Maybe we could do that if you are new to the blog, make sure you subscribe and hit that Bell for notification, so you get notified when we upload aiming article and thank you guys so much for reading.

We love you guys and next time, peace.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!




I cannot wait to share all of these recipes with you guys for this week’s meal. Prep we’re going to do a breakfast, a lunch. Anyone SmartPoint frosted cupcake. So everything is amazing. Everything is low point and absolutely delicious. So if you want to see what I have on the menu for meal prep for the upcoming week, all you have to do is a stay tuned for my breakfast this week, I’m going to be making hash brown cups.

I cannot wait to have these. I love hash browns. They get nice and crispy in this recipe, so good, and then I’m going to pair that with a little bit of turkey, bacon and some fruit. So let me show you first, what is in the hash brown cups, so you can either use shredded potatoes or you can use a russet potato soak it drain all the liquid do much work for me. I’m just going to go ahead and use few or write a shredded hash brown, potatoes you’ll need some skim, milk or skim milk alternative, some sort of oil.

I’m going to go ahead and use this extra virgin olive oil, some eggs, some broccoli and some light shredded cheese, and then I’m going to pair mine with this Sam’s Choice, uncured, turkey, bacon and a fruit. So let’s get started putting together our hash brown cups. So the first thing we need to do for our hash brown cups is go ahead and grab a medium-sized bowl to that bowl. We’re going to add our hash browns.

I ended up with just a little over two cups of shredded hash browns. That’s all! I have left in the bag, which I think is going to be absolutely plenty, and then to that we are going to add two teaspoons of olive oil and then we’re just going to give this a stir, get everything nice and combined and then we’re ready to Put our potato mixture into our cupcakes once your hash brown mixture is nice and combined with your olive oil you’re, going to take your cupcake pan, I went ahead and sprayed them really well with nonstick, cooking spray and then you’re going to equally divide your hash brown Mixture into your cupcakes pan here and we’re just going to push them down and basically create essentially a little nest and that’s what all the rest of our ingredients are going to go into.

So you can evenly divide your hash brown mixture between all six compartments. This recipe does make six servings, so if you want more than that, you can double the recipe, but I’m just going to have one of these hash brown cups a day, because I’m also going to be having some turkey bacon. So I want to make sure that I don’t overdo the point on breakfast so again, we’ll get these off, build up, push down to make little nests and then we’ll be ready to add some more of our ingredients into our hash brown cups.

So here’s what they should look like once you’ve pushed them down and kind of pulled them up. The sides of your cupcake tin now we’re going to get together our egg mixture and we’re just about done. This is quick and easy. Next, we’re going to get our egg mixture combined, so I’m just using the same bowl. What I have here is four cracked eggs, so I’m going to go ahead and add those we have one quarter cup of milk or milk alternative.

We also have one quarter cup of light, shredded cheese and I decided to add a little bit of black pepper and a little bit of onion salt to mine, just to kind of add a little bit of flavor. I love onion salt in my eggs. As you know, and then we’re just going to whisk this together until fully combined and then we’ll be ready to start assembling our eight cups so just grab your whisk, get it nice and combined.

You want to make sure that that cheese is intermix and then that milk will help fluff up your eggs as well, and now, let’s put together these hash brown cups. Next, we’re going to take 1/2 of a cup of chopped up broccoli and we’re just going to evenly divide the broccoli in our little hash brown cups. You can do as much or as little in each cup, but the recipe does call for an entire half of a cup of broccoli.

So we’re going to get that nice and applied. That gives it that nice, healthy dose of vegetables and then to that is where we’re going to go ahead and add our egg mixture to the top so evenly divide out your broccoli, make sure you’re pushing it down so that your eggs don’t totally overfill everything and Then you’re going to take your egg mixture, I’m going to do it by like the quarter cup and you’re just going to apply that to the top of your a cup whew yeah.

That’s a lot so make sure you really are pushing down your hashbrowns and your broccoli. So I’ve filled my hash brown cups with the egg mixture and they are nice and full. So I do even have a little bit left of the egg mixture, but I’m still going to count the full amount of point so we’re going to put these in the oven at four degrees until they come out nice and crispy. We want the hash brown cup crispy and we want the egg cooked completely through so to cook my turkey bacon.

I have two halves or one full paper towel here, I’m going to cook my turkey bacon in the microwave. So I’m going to put two slices on one half of my paper towel fold it over and then I’m just going to cook it in the microwave for three minutes and literally it comes out perfectly crispy and then I’m just going to put it into my meal. Prep containers so I’ll just do five rounds of three minutes for the turkey bacon.

So I just pulled my turkey bacon out. I did decide to do two minutes so that it’s not fully cooked because I’m going to have to reheat this at work. So this is two minutes: it’s perfect! I’m just going to continue cooking the rest of my Pat’s and then we’ll put these into our meal prep containers, so our hash brown cups are out of the oven. These look absolutely delicious. So now we’re ready to pop these out and assemble our meal prep.

So I have my bacon here. I also D stand and washed some grapes. So let’s put these meal preps together and then I’ll give you the smart points. So here is our hash brown cup. Once I popped it out of the muffin pan and just out of it here to my meal, prep container, they look delicious. I did realize when I was figuring the smart points that you are supposed to cook the hash browns. First, in your oven to get them crispy before you add the broccoli and eggs.

Now I don’t mind because I’m going to be reheating mine all week anyways. But if you do decide to recreate this recipe, which I highly recommend make sure that you do cook your hashbrowns first and then add your broccoli in your egg mixture. So let me put together the rest of my meal prep here. So I have one of those cute little hash brown cups, I’m going to add two slices of the SAMS choice, turkey, bacon and then I’m going to back up in a little ziplock bag some grapes.

So let me put together these meal preps and I’ll be back to show you the completed breakfast. So here is my completed breakfast meal prep. This looks so incredibly delicious. What a good Whole Foods high-protein is fine breakfast. So let me show you: first, we have one of our hash brown cups. These you guys are so good. I just had one for breakfast amazing, even without crisping up those hash browns.

These are so good and they are only two smart points apiece, and that includes the cheese, the hash browns yumminess for two points. Each one of my pieces of the Sam’s Choice: turkey, bacon, is one smart point. So that’s an additional two smart points. I’m going to pair that with a mix here of my black and red grapes, so this entire breakfast meal, prep, is only for smart points and everything is a fresh, delicious back to the basics, whole food.

So this, my friends, is my for smart point breakfasts for the week for lunches this week, I’m going to be making a weight reader recipe directly from the app, and this is a ramen noodle salad and I’m going to pair that with some chicken and also some Fruit, so let me show you first, what is in the ramen noodle salad, so first you’re going to need some rice, vinegar, some canola oil or any kind of oil that you have.

The recipe calls for canola and I had it so I’m going to use it. You’ll need some Splenda or sugar alternative soy, sauce sliced almonds, slivered almonds. Whatever head of almonds, you want the recipe called for sunflower seeds, but I’m going to use pepitas. I, like them better in this type of a dish, but you could do either one you’re also going to need some green onions, a bag of coleslaw and as crazy as it sounds a package of top ramen.

So that is everything that’s in the salad and then I’m just going to cook up some chicken breasts and I’m going to go ahead and marinate it in this G Hughes, sugar-free, teriyaki marinade. This marinade is so good. You guys zero points and then of course, I’ll pair it with some fruit. So let’s get started on our salad. So the first thing you need for your salad is a nice big bowl to that bowl you’re going to go ahead and add your bag of your coleslaw mix, and then you also are going to add four really thin sliced green onions.

So I went ahead and cut those up as thin as possible and we’re just going to give this a good mix. We kind of want to make sure the coleslaw and the green onions are well mixed in together before we start preparing our dressing. So just make sure your green onions are nice and combined in here with your whole slot next we’re going to put together the dressing. So what I have here is 1/8 cup of rice wine, vinegar.

I have two tablespoons of canola oil and then I have five teaspoons of Truvia. I went ahead and use trivia. You could really use any sweetener alternative and then you’re going to add a teaspoon of soy sauce and then you’re going to stir this together and that’s it. You guys, I mean literally, your salad is pretty much done and then we’re just going to set this aside until we’re ready to assemble our lunch prep of our Asian salad.

So there is your dressing for your noodle salad. Once you get your dressing, stir together, you’re going to go ahead and add the packet from the ramen so you’re, adding in that chicken flavoring and go ahead and stir that into your dressing as well, and we’re going to prep this a little bit different. Because I don’t want to add the dressing or the almonds, pepitas or ramen noodles until right before we eat.

So let me show you how I’m going to put together my salad so to put together the salad portion of my lunches for the week. This recipe makes six servings, so I’m going to go ahead and take some of the close la mix and I’m just going to add it to the large compartment of my meal prep now the coleslaw and the green onions is zero, so it doesn’t matter if you Go a little bit extra on the cabbage. You can see here that I went ahead and I measured out 1/6 of the ramen noodles, which was just about 12 or so grams.

I also did about a half a taste tablespoon of pepitas and sliced almonds, which is also one sixth of the recipes. So this, obviously I don’t want add it to my salad until right before I’m going to eat it. I also divided that dressing into six containers as well, so this is one sixth of the dressing, so my Lana’s, as I’m just going to pop my dressing container in with my cabbage and then I’m simply going to just lay my noodles almond Pepita mixture on top And then, when I go to eat my lunch I’ll, add the dressing and I’ll have the crunchy ingredients that way they stay nice and crunchy.

So I’m going to get these assembled and then we’ll be ready to get our chicken cooking. So I went ahead and cut up my chicken breasts. You can see here that I’ve removed all visible fat and then I’ve sliced them in half so that they’re thin to my chicken I’m going to be adding in the G Hughes sugar-free teriyaki marinade. I love this marinade, I’m going to add the last to the half of the bottle here to my chicken and that I’m going to just seal up my bag, remove as much of the air as you can, when you’re doing this seal up your bag and just Kind of squish it around get that teriyaki kind of all over your breasts of chicken.

I’m going to throw this in the fridge and let this kind of sit in the marinade for a few minutes, while the oven warms up and then I’m going to bake these. In the oven, I think it’s the fastest way to cook this amount of chicken versus in your air fryer. So I will be back once the oven is warmed up and show you how I’m going to cook this I’m going to get our chicken ready to go in to the oven. Oh, my goodness, it smells amazing with that teriyaki sauce.

So I’m just going to pull out the breasts and I’m going to just place them on some parchment paper. They are coated in the teriyaki, I mean coated, so I think that it’ll really have that nice teriyaki flavor to them, and then I’m just going to throw these in the oven on 375 until they’re cooked all the way through, and then we will go ahead and Put together our meal prep containers, because everything will be done, so I am just taking a little bit of the teriyaki here out of the bag and just kind of laying it on top of the chicken breast all right.

These look delicious. I’m going to go ahead and get these into the oven. It just pulled my teriyaki chicken out of the oven. You guys this looks amazing. My house smells even better, so I’m going to let this cool for just a couple of minutes, we’ll put it into my meal prep container and then I’ll show you exactly what I’m taking for lunches and give you the smart points. So here is my completed lunch.

Prep for the week I am prepping for five days because I’m planning on eating my lunch prep tomorrow Monday, even though I’m off for the day, you guys see this article, I’m still planning on eating my meal prep. So let me show you what I’m taking so I have one of the thin slice. So basically, this is half of a chicken breast that I marinated in the Zhi Hughes teri okey. So this is zero smart points and then I have one sixth of that Asian salad.

You guys, I cannot wait for this, what a great salad for summer crunchy fresh delicious. So that is five smart points. I’m going to be taking a little baggie of watermelon each day and then for dessert. I’m going to take my favorite thing ever, which are these sweet nothings. This is the caramel pecan cluster 30 calories per piece, and I’m telling you you guys these taste like you, drove up to a chocolatier and ordered it out of the case.

It is that delicious and they are one smart point apiece now, if you have two pieces, it bumps it up to three points with that fabulous weight, read our math, but one piece. One point: that’s usually what I have just to give me that sweetness after lunch, you could buy sweet nothings on protein wises website down below in the description box is the link click. The link enter my code and you’ll actually get $ 10 off your first order.

So you can buy three bags of sweet nothings for free, so $ 10 off your first order on the protein wise website so check that out below. So it is five points for the salad one point for the sweet: nothing! So you guys this entire lunch. Six points in crazy that that is only six points for a sweet treat this week, I’m going to be making carrot cake protein cupcakes. These are frosted as well, you guys, so they are legit cupcakes.

So let me show you what is in these carrot cake. Cupcakes. First, you’re going to need some protein powder. I highly recommend the devotion nutrition. This is the angel food cake. In my opinion, this is the best protein powder on the market for baking. It’s also the best tasting protein powder. There is no aftertaste, no chalky, no weird protein texture or taste, it’s absolutely delicious. They do have the angel food cake and they also have brownie batter, which is their chocolate protein.

I love that one so much one scoop of the angel food cake is only one point. Two one scoop of the brownie batter is two points so definitely worth it love it. So I’m going to be using this as the protein source in my cupcakes. You can order this on devotion’ nutritions website. It is linked down in the description box below I’ll put my co2 here on the screen, but it saves you 10 % – I’m going to be using this exclusively here on out.

So make sure you pick it up. If you want to do some of my recipes that I’m going to be showing you – because this is my new favorite thing in the world – I’m also going to be adding some of the Kodiak cakes. This is the buttermilk and Chia. You need some sort of pancake mix, you can use Kodiak or birch fenders. Whatever you have on hand, I’m going to be using Truvia as my sugar substitute we’re going to need eggs, nonfat, Greek yogurt and, as I said, these are frosted.

So I’m going to be using the Pillsbury sugar-free, vanilla, frosting, some julienned or shredded carrots, vanilla, extract 3/4 of a cup of water, some protein powder, pumpkin pie, spice you guys this pumpkin spice from Dax is literally the best no salt in any of Dax seasonings. Nothing! Artificial, all real ingredients and the flavor is on point, so I do have 10 % off for Dax as well. If you click the link down in the description box enter my code, it’ll save you, 10 % and Dax also will offer you free shipping.

With my code so get on, there order some spices. Again, I use their spices. All the time, you’ll be seeing them a lot in my upcoming articles and wait until fall. My friends I’m going to be using the heck out of this pumpkin spice, so we do need that and then we also just need some cinnamon. So that is everything that is in our carrot: Cape protein cupcakes. So the first thing that we’re going to do is mix together kind of our sauce for our cupcakes before we do our dry ingredients.

So what I have here is 3/4 of a cup of water. I also have three tablespoons of Truvia and I’m just going to kind of stir as I go. I want to make sure that sugar gets a nice and combined with the water. We have 1 teaspoon of vanilla, extract, we’re also going to add in one egg and then lastly, we’re going to add in 1/4 cup of a nonfat Greek yogurt, and then we are just going to stir this all together and that’s going to make this basically bizarre.

Wet ingredients of our cupcakes and then we’re going to pull another Bowl out and we’ll mix together all of our dry ingredients. Next we’re going to mix together all of our dry ingredients. So first I have 1 cup of the Kodiak cake butter. Milk mix. Mine has Chia, which is completely fine with me, you’re, not even going to know notice that at all I have a 1 cup of my very favorite devotion angel food cake protein powder, we’re also going to add 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

So I’m going to do a nice little level. Teaspoon of that I’m also going to add in some cinnamon. You know I don’t usually measure my spices. I want a lot of flavor in these carrot, cake, muffins and then I’m also going to add in my Dax pumpkin spice YUM and then we’re going to give this a nice big stir, make sure all of our dry ingredients are nice and incorporated together and then We’re going to add in our wet ingredients and our carrots and you guys, that’s it easy-peasy.

So let me get this all mixed together and we’ll move on to the next step, we’re ready to add in our wet ingredients. So this is our wet, go ahead and add all of that and then we’re going to mix this together and now you want to be careful with these cupcakes not to overmix it’ll, make your cupcake dry and spongy. So you want to just nicely mix and incorporate the wet ingredients into the dry and then we’re also going to add in a quarter cup of our shredded carrots and then again we’re just going to mix that in gently fold in those carrots and then we’re ready To fill our muffin tin up and we are going to have carrot, cake cupcakes, while these are cooking, we’ll get our frosting together and there you have it.

Doesn’t that look delicious, so I’ve went ahead in line in my muffin tin. With my silicone liners, you can buy these off of Amazon they’re, really inexpensive, they’re washable, reusable love them. I went ahead and added those they are linked in my Amazon store, as well as all of my scoops that I use you can get a three or four scoop pack and I want to say it’s like ten dollars. These are also linked down in my Amazon store, so we want to make sure that we’re getting 12 cupcakes.

So I don’t want to overfill, because I want to make sure that my points stay at the super low points that these are you guys wait till you see these for the points value, so I’m going to go ahead and fill up my muffin cups. I want to fill all 12 and then we’ll get ready to put these into the oven. I have all 12 of my liners filled. You guys. I cannot wait for these, I’m going to pop these in the oven at 350.

We want to make sure they get fully cooked through and then we’ll be back to show you the finished cupcake. I just pulled the carrot, cake, cupcakes out of the oven, look at these yum yum. So I’m going to let these cool for just a few minutes. I’m going to pop them out of the silicone linings and then we are going to add some frosting and a little cinnamon on top and I’ll. Give you the smart points and show you our completed cupcakes.

So here are carrot, cake cupcakes! I just pulled them out of the silicone liner, so now, let’s get these little gems frosted. So what I have here is 2 tablespoons of the sugar-free vanilla frosting. I just melted it down in the microwave and basically, what we’re going to do is we’re just going to drizzle it over the top of all of our cupcakes. That’s why I kind of put them close together here on the foil so that when we drizzled, we kind of combined them all together with the frosting and then I’m going to go the opposite way as well.

Let me finish that there we go and then we’re going to go the opposite way and we’re just going to add delicious frosting on all of our carrot: cake, cupcakes, okay, you guys these look so incredibly good, Oh YUM, who doesn’t love, carrot, cake and then, when You add that delicious vanilla, frosting – yes, please went into that. I’m going to add some ground cinnamon, so we’re just going to gently sprinkle, just a little bit of cinnamon on top of all of our cupcakes.

Look at that YUM that delicious cinnamon frosting. Okay, what could be better than these, and here is our completed – carrot, cake, cupcake, so delicious you guys. These are amazing. They are only one smart point. That’s right! One point for a frosted cupcake. What a deal so definitely it must make recipe. These are fantastic. So here’s what I’m going to be taking for snacks for this upcoming week, I’m only working for days because I’m actually off on Monday Evans ready off on Monday.

So I don’t need to pack snacks for Monday I’ll just be eating at home. So I am going to take my little packs of these carrots. I really like these. It just makes packing up carrots so much easier, and then I did buy this bag of sugar snap peas at Trader Joe’s. So I think I’m just going to take the whole bag with me and throw it in the fridge and then each day I will grab a handful of the snap, peas and I’ll grab a little bag of the carrot.

So that’ll be a really good veggie snack for my morning, snack, I always take the bill bar. You know this. I love bill bar so this week I’m going to take some one of the chocolate strawberry, the double chocolate, the coconut and the cinnamon. Now you guys the cinnamon is actually one of my very favorites. It’s super controversial, some like it, some don’t. I love the cinnamon. These bars are three smart points which is insane because they taste like a candy bar real chocolate.

Coating 110 calories, 15 grams of protein 6 fiber. 4. Sugar, 4. Fat. 3. Smart points. That’s it you guys full of protein, so it keeps me full between morning and lunch, so these are available on billboard calm. If you use my code here on the screen, not only will you receive 10 % off, but you will also get free shipping and right now they have a fantastic promotion going where, if you buy two full boxes now you can buy just a single flavor.

You can buy a mixed box kind of like I have here. If you buy two full boxes, you will receive six free of the brand new flavor. It is on the way to me: blueberry cheesecake, yes, blueberry, cheesecake, YUM you’ll get six bars for free. That’s a $ 10 value, so get two boxes of whatever bill bars. You want, you can even order full boxes of the blueberry cheesecake. If you know you’re going to love it and they’ll, send you six of those for free what a deal so definitely order yourself.

Some Bilt bars ww game-changer right here, guys, I’m also going to throw some of these crunch master brownie thins, just a few of these in to my snack drawer, at work in case I’m hungry. I love these. These taste, like the crunchy corners of your brownie, pan really good. They have some protein in there, which makes them even a better snacks choice. They’re gluten free this brand or this flavor is salted caramel.

You can have 32 thins for three smart points. I just knock down the number of things. I’ll put it here on the screen. How many for two smart points, I want to say it’s 20-something, so I usually will do that for smart points. It’s a great snack of protein, but also that sweetness that you kind of want in a snack. So I love these. These are linked down in my Amazon store below, so you can order them directly on Amazon and then.

Lastly, I am going to be taking a light: infant Greek yogurt – I really like this flavor this tiramisu, so I’m going to be bringing one of these each day to work and then I’m going to just top it with a tablespoon of my favorite granola. Now, if you guys love granola as much as I do, you can’t eat it on WW I mean you can because we can even we whatever we’d like, but it is very high in points so this program NOLA, is the granola you’ve been desiring for small points.

So here’s the stats on this particular granola – and this is the vanilla cluster. This particular one is vegan. They do use a pea protein as the protein source. It is paleo and keto friendly. So if you follow those plans, excellent choice, low net carbs, high protein gluten free grain, free, nothing, artificial, no, soy, no GMO, and I love that there are no preservatives. You can have an entire calf of a cup of this granola for two points.

That’s it smart points and that’s a lot of granola. That’s enough that you can top it with some almond milk and make it a breakfast and you’re getting some protein you’re getting 12 grams of protein, but my favorite way to eat this. Is I take about a tablespoon and I just talked my Light & Fit Greek yogurt with it, and it just adds that added crunch and it’s zero extra point. So not only am I having a granola talk, yogurt I’m getting some protein, and all I have to count for is the point of the yogurt.

So this would be a to smart point. Snack so definitely order Julian bakery granola. The best price is directly on their website. I do have it linked down in my description box below so click. The link enter the code down in the description box and order yourself, some granola. It will save you 10 %, and my code also gets you free shipping so that my friends is a bargain. So if you want to talk WW game-changers this one and this one, so that is my snacks that I’m bringing for the upcoming four-day work week.

Thank you for joining me on another weekly ww meal prep. I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the recipes that I shared with you guys everything tastes amazing. I cannot wait for my breakfast and my lunches and, of course, those carrot cake, cupcakes frosted. You can’t go wrong for one smart point: make sure that you hop on devotion. Nutrition, calm, use the link and my discount code below save yourself, ten percent.

You are going to be seeing devotion in most of my recipes. It is seriously the best protein powder for not only drinking protein shakes but especially for baking, so make sure that you check them out if you’re new, to my blog, make sure you subscribe, bring that little notification belt that way. You’ll get notified every single time that I upload I’d love it. If you’d give this article a thumbs up, comment down below.

Let me know what you thought of this week’s meal, prep, which recipe was your favorite, and are you going to give some of these recipes? A try and I’ll see you guys all in the next article bye, you

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.


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Keto Grocery Haul | Deadlift Training and my first Road Race

I bet you didn’t know. I could play sweet, sweet jams like that, so I literally just bought this guitar last week. So did have you ever. I think I told you have you ever looked at your screen time before on your phone, because it’s scary, like mine, was really bad so being on YouTube. I kind of am on my Instagram all the time like posting stuff online, I’m on my business account posting things, but most of the time I find myself just like scrolling.

Just I don’t know it’s just like I’m scrolling, that’s what I’m doing and you go to your screen time settings. It is awful like last 7 days, let’s go to the last some days. It’s my phone’s. All greasy got all eight increase on it like that. So my average is 3 hours in 39 minutes a day. That’s absurd! That’s so much time, six hours on Instagram for my weekly average, so I said to myself instead of wasting time on Instagram 3 hours a day.

If I took half that time – and I added a hobby though be more useful right, then just scrolling and scrolling because, like even like we’re reading TV, I’m just like looking at my phone. So now I’m going to play sweet gems like happy birthday Nanami for Robby jr.. You know babe singing happy birthday, so I just got it at the start. So obviously I don’t know much. I literally have to YouTube kids beginners songs, because I have no idea like that fingers, it’s so hard but anyways before we get to this grocery haul.

In a second for my like sixth week on keto we’re going to go over my dead lip this morning. So I know I showed you dead, living like every freaking article last week, so this would be the last one for this week I did regular deadlifts, so it’s all about personally. For me, I find that doing variety and doing something often leads to success so like if I want this 550 pounds of deadlift goal and I only been left one time a week.

It’s probably take me, you know multiple months, but if I added in at least two or three times a week, I’m going to increase my deadlift a lot faster volume for me is the way to go so, and I I left heavy, I left heavy very often So I usually don’t go below like 70 % or 65 % unless I’m just drilling technique, so I’ve dead, lifted 500 pounds or close to that so like 90 %, the last three times that I’ve dead lifted and I it already feels better.

So I worked on regular dentist from of floor, so previously it did deficit, then I did block pulls and now knowing regular deadlifts. So I did regular dentist up to 485 pounds. I stuck with sets of three, so I did two sets of three at every single weight. I think I just P remitted, so I just did like 225 315 for 15 actually and then 485. What’s my top set, so 45 felt felt pretty good. I started double overhand because that’s more beneficial as I do cleans, but double overhand our site under over is a lot stronger for me.

So but beware that bicep against you’re underhand, if that elbow bends a little bit you’re. Putting so much stress on that bicep. So be careful that so those are my top sets and then I added in something different. I like variety like I said so, paused deadlifts. You got to figure out what your weakness is and then drill that. So, for me, it’s speed off the floor and right about my knees. As soon as I get past the knees, it’s fine, so pause Dedalus for five seconds.

At my knees, I did 225 two sets of three to seventy-five two sets of three and 305 for a set of three really awful. I try to hold it for five seconds: try to keep those shoulders back. It hurt really bad, but if you want to add those in add those in, I forgot the percentages, I’ll put it on the screen, but regular down this deficit. Then this block pull down this banded bend, lift pause, deadlifts, so variety volume and consistency is key.

If you want to get those PR so add that into training, but let’s go over that grocery haul dang girl haha. You find this hell baby, I’m a singer! Sweet sweet Jam on my sweet, sweet, guitar serenade. You know how to meet right all right. All right! All right, all right, all right all right baby go real, quick, grocery haul week, six, I’m keeping things consistent, but if you saw the day of eating and of a couple things into the diet, let me go over that first.

So if you’re in need of a little bubbly, you can get cell service. This is a 100 % natural calorie free. If you check the ingredients, make sure you do no snow, no snow sweeteners. Basically, so it is all thirty approved, but if it has stevia in it something like that wouldn’t be a big deal, but no sugar and no like actual fruit. So if you want to spice it up, I’m going to go a little higher on the flavor level.

You got ta leave you these things. Let me tell you they taste, just like regular soda. You would have if you poured me a root beer and what is it a name w8w root beer? I literally would not know the difference. It is that good, a little more expensive. Obviously you can’t have the diet soda. You can get that advert a aspartame, but um GB is really good. Try it got that in the system. Here we got bacon.

What I did actually just now is I prepped bacon for like two days so that I’ve had bacon ready to go because when I come home from excuse me try to make a freaking article here when I get home, I like I’m like ready to eat. So I’m having the bacon, prepped and just put the eggs in boom boom perfect. We got the hey tree free-range chicken eggs, which I’m going to look into not buying chickens but renting chickens, anyways right babes.

No, I’m saying rent that chicken vegetables for the week. Kids, you got ta. Have your greens, we got napa cabbage, we got bad, dare bok choy. Last week I showed you that we got a bunch of tiny tubes avocados and the problem was there in that bag right there cheaper per avocado, but in the bag. So you can’t really feel them. They were all like half run, so we got regular Hass avocados a little bit more expensive if they’re a dollar 50 apiece.

Still my go-to veggie is asparagus, like literally probably half a head. If you call this a head, a half a thing of asparagus a day at least – and we got that Kerrygold Kerrygold irish, look at the organizers bullet from getting gold, the foodist, the absolute finest cotton. Let me tell you a free-range and everything the butter we got: cow farmers, cow, heavy cream for the coffee’s right and that’s about it for an Albright protein.

We got last week on beef this week, I’m going pork, so we got center cut pork chops. We got that sockeye salmon, of course, and that’s pretty much it so. My three main meals of the weaker, basically eggs, pork, loin and sock ride Salmons. Those are my three main meals and then snackies. We have over yonder a gander up in here we got, of course the these are looking a little light. The fine Jenny boo were you in my cookie drawer, good trying to get these cookies girl these keto cookies, I’ve been having like one or two a day.

Last night I had a little almond butter on them, I’m going to try to make almond balls next. I bought almond butter, smooth organic, really oily, like I had to blend it. It was so thick. We got that Lily’s chocolate, we’ve got someone give me ten parts. I don’t know what to do with this so comment down below cuz. I don’t know what to do. We got that ty. I actually, if I don’t want to have peanut butter, this has a lot of fat in it.

This has 20 grams of fat per serving. I take a little tahini kind of like bland and Sesame’s right sesame seeds, I’ll blend it up. You take the heaney cacao powder, a little stevia. It’s it’s really good. Let me tell you MCT cacao powder, olive oil, algae oil, coconut oil, ghee butter. You know the whole thing we got that original tall for an artificial sweetener. The thing about this I did eat a hold back to cookies, just to test them out last week.

Let me tell you: your stomach will be exploding, aka, poopoo, caca diarrhea, and that’s pretty much it. Oh nuts, these nuts cashews almonds these seeds pumpkin seeds. Those are the go-to in the Thrive order. That’s coming today we’re getting cod, liver oil, we’re getting coconut butter and Jeffrey got a bunch of whole thirty stuff, but she’s going to put that on her blog. So that’s what we got for groceries this week, so you know you want me seeing us all.

I already sang them: Robbie Junior’s, Happy Birthday song, so I mean yeah yeah, but yeah. So that’s the grocery haul same old same old, I’m going another 20 days today. So second, I’m going 19 days until Easter. So everyone’s always asking about you know: what do we do after keto I’ll talk about that later in the article but baby girl? What are you going where you going with them? Ankles, let me see their ankles go all right.

Let me see they make Wow. It’s a little bit too cold to be have enough shirt on now, get ready for a 6k run, so I’ve there’s some intervals: 100 meters, equal rest to work ratio, 100 meters, roughly 25 seconds 20 meters, like 35 seconds three hundred forty five seconds and then 400 A minute and 20 rest repeat: do that three times, then it ended off from the 800. So I think I ran 2.5 miles. We have a 6 K, no, not a 6/8.

I think it’s. I thought it was a sick day. It’s a 10 K May 19th and then the day before we just signed up for a competition across the competition may 18th by bad idea. Hey do us all a favor. Put your put your shirt out. Hey put your shirt on. If you didn’t know, we had to run a 10k 6 K, 10 K right. It’s a 10k yeah yeah. Now it’s how long 10 K I wan na see you run it. I’m worried about the competition.

It’s a runner! You’re going to drag me down into it’s running its overhead squat. What can you squat, underpants? Hey? I don’t see you running either cuz, I’m not doing that start running, don’t run start running. I don’t make it it’s garlic, aioli, roasted air, fried potatoes! Oh yeah! You get that dry, water girl, oh yeah, oh my god! So if anyone that didn’t know, we ordered a thrive market order.

Last week it finally came in we’re going to put a whole unboxing on Jenny, booze blog, so make sure you go check that out, but freaking tripods all limp on me. I’m going to show you one thing on the Thrive order that I’m I’m a little scared about cod, liver oil, lemon flavored, uh yeah. It’s probably going to be discussing we’re going to do this in one second, but I know a lot of people have been concerned or they want to know about like how to switch from one diet to the next and my thoughts on me going from Quito and Reintroducing carbohydrates so, first off we’re not let me just break down my little short-term goal: plan 19 more days on keto right, I’m basically doing dietary keto, where it’s like 80 % fat, 20 % protein.

It’s a pretty high percentage. Some people do like the 70/30. Some people do like the 60/40, I’m going really high fat, I’m liking, it I’m liking it a lot literally like I said I told you guys, no like negative side effects, but after Easter I’m going to obviously do a refeed, I’m planning on keeping keto for an Additional 30 days after that, I’m either going to do cyclical keto, cyclic old keto, where you have a cheat night, basically or a cheat meal.

I should say every Friday or Saturday and where I’m basically going to have like potatoes. Basically, where Jennifer is making like steak and potatoes, instead of just having steak from vegetables, adding in a little bit of carbohydrates, maybe a cerveza, maybe a glass of wine, or something like that or I’m going to try targeted keto, where you supplement, carbohydrates, pre-workout, like 30 Or 40 grams of fast, absorbing carbs, so like carbohydrates that are going to enter the system really fast, so you kick yourself out of ketosis for like only two hours and then you’re back into it.

So that’s my plan after that, though, we’re going to play around with more carbohydrates, but for those that are out there that are doing hito, they want to go back on high carbs or you’re on high carbs, and you want to go keto. I don’t suggest that you flip the switch over night and just drastically change your diet because say you’re on keto, right and then or night. You change you go back to high carps and immediately your body is going to be super in flames right you’re, going to blow right up, you’re going to have way more water attention, but also your stomach.

Your GI tract is not used to all these carbohydrates, so you’re going to irritate your basically your bowels you’re going to have inflammation you’re going to have digestive issues, and it’s not it’s just you can want to smooth it over right. You want to go basically what I would do is maybe add in something that’s going to digest fast, like oatmeal, because I had a lot of fiber or maybe add in little pieces of fruit to slow the ease yourself back into carbohydrates over like three or four Weeks and then get back to more carbs lower the fats.

If you’re on super high carb, you want go keto, even though I flip the switch literally within like a 12 hour period. I wouldn’t suggest it because I have experience in keto, so I would maybe like cut your carbs in half, increase your fat and then slowly do basically ultra low carb diet and then keto so we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. You know what I mean but make sure you check Jenny, goos blog out for thrive order and whole xxx stuff, but we’re going to try this out.

Can you give me a tablespoon? Actually, it’s a teaspoon but give me a tablespoon I’m trying to get my I’m going to try to get my DHA and my EPA’s in try get them fatty acids in omega-3, fatty acid, 1100 milligrams in one teaspoon. This is lemon flavor right, natural, lemon flavor. I got a feeling this is going to taste so nasty going to give me a Z via please Wow. It actually doesn’t smell that bad at all.

So before I take this, please, if you could thumbs up this article comment down below subscribe to new to the blog, because as soon as I take this, I’m going to throw up and then the end of the article so smell this bit, con liver oil or Ip I’ll see you guys in the next article. I think I would do a recipe comment like subscribe.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!



Mexican Bean Salad Sweetened With Date Paste | Rockin Robin Cooks

This is a no cooking type of recipe, we’re going to be using canned beans and we’re going to be cutting up some fresh vegetables to put into it. And I tell you: this is the first article that I’ve shot since going into a shelter-in-place, and so we’re going to be using things that we already have using a produce and things that I have. We really shouldn’t be out there shopping in crowds and stuff.

So hopefully you won’t either use what you have improvise when you need to okay, I’m rockin Robin and I’m going to show you how to make this delicious bean salad right after this before we get into our recipe, go ahead and hit that subscribe button and a Notification bell so you’ll be notified every week when my new articles come out. I don’t want you to miss them because we’re always cooking up something delicious and healthy.

Alright, let’s go over the ingredients. First, up we’re going to use a couple of cans of beans, raising canned beans because well it’s just easier right and during this pandemic – and we want to make this easy and I’m sure, you’ve probably got some beans in your cupboard. So I’m using kidney beans and white beans and I’ve drained them and I’ve rinsed them all so neat, I’m going to use some corn I’m using some organic corn.

Here now I’ve chopped up a few vegetables. We’ve got some chopped up tomato. That’s just what I happened to have and then I did the superfine dice here on some red onion, some celery and some red bell, pepper, and I also have some pumpkin seeds that we’re going to add to this for a nice little crunch. Now for our dressing ingredients, this is the important part we have some balsamic, vinegar, apple, cider, vinegar, olive oil, I’m using some fresh herbs that I happen to still have in my fridge, which are some parsley and some organic fresh basil.

I love to add basil to my recipes. It’s just a wonderful herb to use now. I’ve also got some fresh lemon juice, lime juice, some salt, garlic powder. In this container I have some ground cumin, some ground coriander and some chili powder. Now, for my sweetener, you we have to balance out all this acid, so we have to add some sort of sweetener. Now I don’t like to use regular sugar, so I like to use if some of you’ve been reading.

My articles, you know I like date, paste. It’s a wonderful sweetener, lots of vitamins and minerals and fiber. It’s just a it’s a good way to go it’s low on the glycemic index, so it works and it’s easy to make, and I have a article for you if you want to learn how to make it. But I can tell you it’s very simple and very quick boil up some dates that are pitted in just some water and then you just simmer it for 20 minutes pop it in the blender.

Add a little of that liquid back until you make a nice paste like what we have here and you’ve got a great sweetener, that’ll store in the fridge for about a week. If you don’t have date paste or you want to use something else, you can try. My next choice would be maple syrup that works really well too, but in the end, use what you have so that you can try out this delicious salad. So we’re going to start off by making our dressing we’re going to take some olive oil and we’re going to place it into a bowl now with this recipe.

Ideally, what we want to do is make the dressing and then marinate just the beans in it overnight. That would be the the best way to do this recipe, because what happens is the flavors meld into the beans and it just gets really good. Some recipes are like that: they’re always better the next day, but if we put all the vegetables in then they tend to get a little bit on the more soft side and that might not you know you may not like that.

So if you can do it go ahead and marinate the beans overnight, if you can only do it for an hour, that’s okay, too. It all works. So here we go with our apple cider vinegar. Now our balsamic we’re just going to add a little bit of balsamic to this next we’re going to add our salt to this sprinkle that in and you can always adjust these seasonings. If you like garlic powder, those spices that I showed you ground, cumin, coriander and chili powder start stirring it a little bit now add the lemon juice and the lime juice, and now, for our sweetener.

I’m only going to add part of this. I have three about three tablespoons worth and I don’t know if I want to use it all until I taste it so we’re going to put some of that in there now and then we’re going to chop up with some of our fresh herbs that parsley in The basil toss that in and we’ll just give that a whisk I’m going to give that a taste and see if we need to adjust into the seasonings I’m going to go with a little more salt and I’m going to add a little bit more chili powder.

Let me give it a little splash for just a little bit of heat, just a hint and I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to place this into our beans and then we’re just going to let that sit for a little bit and then we’ll add The rest of our stuff, all right. Let’s pour that dressing right in there and get everything in there and we’re going to let that marinate for about a half an hour. At least I’m going to give this a toss and we’ll come back in a bit and add all the rest of the ingredients.

It’s been about a half an hour, I’m going to add the rest of my ingredients to this. So we’ll start with the celery toss that in I like to use that superfine dice, because everything mixes in so nicely and you don’t get big chunks of it and I just think it tastes better and I’m going to do some onions. I don’t know if I’m going to do all of this, but we’re going to do a good portion of it now, keep in mind when you refrigerate this, let’s say you’re going to serve it the next day, for example, you want to take this out of the Refrigerator about it half an hour to an hour before you’re actually going to have people eat it right, because when you use olive oil and you refrigerate it, it tends to get hard and get kind of gel like so you want to let that thaw out a Little bit and come up to room temperature, here’s our bell, peppers, nice, all those in there right now.

Let’s add some yellow, I’m going to add some of this corn, I’m probably not going to add it all and we’ve got our Tomatoes toss. Those in last thing. We have are some pumpkin seeds, which just add a little crunch. You can use any nuts that you like, and here you go guys. This is the finished product all right, I’m going to serve just a little bit up here, so I can take a taste very delicious guys, nice and refreshing.

We’ve got the crunch of the fresh bell peppers and the celery, the onions, all those flavors coming together. Very fresh tasting and very it has just the right amount of balance. I think between citrus – and you know the acidic part and the sweet part. I think it’s delicious so hope you guys give this a try all right. That’s our recipe for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and leave me a comment and be well out.

There take care and we’ll see you next time.

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.


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2017-12-10 Keto Meal Prep/Vlog

I got my pre-workout here, I’m going to drink, so I went to a Brazilian steakhouse yesterday. It’s one of those places where you just sit down and they parade and meats around to you, and it was my second time being in a place like that, and I just don’t get it I mean especially being on the keto diet.

I appreciate it that that the majority of the fare was just like high-quality meat. I really get it, but I’m just still not impressed like give me some 80/20 ground beef and you know some canned chicken any day. You know those places just aren’t my jam. Okay off to the gym, if you follow me on instagram you’ll, remember that I somehow ran over my bluetooth headphones with my car a couple days ago, so kicking it old-school on the treadmill for a while.

I’m not pleased just at home from the gym and Meyer. At the gym did the standard 60 minutes on the treadmill, but I played with the elevation this time. That’s why I was able to see more variance in my calorie burn. It was great. I also signed up for the Triple Crown of running I’m in Louisville Kentucky and that’s where the Kentucky Derby is, though, in horse racing. The Triple Crown is the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes and the Preakness.

I think so in Louisville leading up to the Derby. We have a Triple Crown of running, which is just three races. The first race is a 5k than two weeks later. It’s a 10k, then, two weeks later, it’s a ten-miler, so it’s just a fun way to exercise and get in the Derby mood. So that’ll be happening next year. I did it last year for the first time I didn’t train. I didn’t do anything at all. I was like you know what I feel like running, so I signed up did all of the races, the ten-miler I’m talking about no training whatsoever, and it was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done like it definitely took a toll on my body, not as Young as I used to be, but it was so fun in something that I knew that I just had to keep doing so.

I was excited to see that the signups were back at Planet Fitness. I made sure to get signed up and I’m ready for the new year. Well, I’m just going to put these groceries up. Then I’m probably going to get something to eat, and then I will jump in the meal prep. So this is actually what I decided to have for lunch. It was my lasagna in a bowl from last week, so I just used the ground-up meat and sausage and I added some ricotta and mozzarella and put it in the microwave for a minute.

Now I’m going back on top with some parmesan and there you have it lasagna in a bowl. You really don’t even miss the noodles. This is actual meal prep. So now we’re starting off with the one pound of 80/20, grass-fed ground beef, and this is going to be used for my cheeseburger in a bowl. I make a spice mixture of cumin, onion powder, garlic powder and chili powder, as well as salt, to go on the meat.

Once that’s done. I set it aside and now I moved on to the scrambled eggs that I’m going to have so I started off with 1 tbsp of ghee and now I’m throwing in 12 eggs and I’m doing what I call a lazy scramble, which is where I scrambled them Right in the pan, because I didn’t feel like getting another Bowl dirty so just scramble those on up and set those to the side as well. Next, I’m melting some butter for the keto Connect, gingerbread spice cake, I’m going to melt and Brown that butter and apparently melting butter is difficult.

So I decided to take a water break more specifically a vitamin water break. Now I’m just putting the rest of the spice cake together the gingerbread cake, so we have our coconut flour or with four tall ginger, cinnamon and allspice that we’re going to add to the brown butter can’t forget those eggs and some maple extract. Now, I’m just adding in the dry ingredients to the wet and that’s going to form the batter for the spice cake.

It turned out to be a really good consistency and also taste really good. Instead of making one big cake, I decided to make 24 mini muffins, while those are in the oven. I moved on to chopping up some vegetables, so here we have my onion and we have jalapeno and these are going to be toppings for the cheeseburger salad. Next, I am shredding up some sharp cheddar, and this is twofold. This is cheddar for the eggs in the morning and cheddar for my cheeseburger salad.

Next, I’ve moved on to the keto Connect fudgy cookies, so I’m mixing some powdered, erythritol or swerve with cocoa powder and I’m melting in the butter, eggs and vanilla. I also threw in some peppermint extract to make these mint chocolate cookies. We have the baking powder and then the almond flour comes next, given that a good mix, I sort of just formed them into ten blobs and place them on a silicon mat and put them in the oven.

Finally, we’re bringing up the rear with the cream cheese frosting for the mini muffins, okay, it is 5:20 and I’m done with mill prep for the evening. So, let’s see what we got here, all right so for breakfast or meal, one I’m going to be having the scrambled eggs that I made and some broccoli and cauliflower that broccoli and cauliflower. I just bought those steamed fresh bags from the store. So I literally just put them in the microwave and then once they cooled.

I put them with the broccoli and cauliflower, and then I’m also going to be having two pieces of bacon in the morning as well. So eggs, broccoli, cauliflower and bacon is going to be breakfast. Oh also, that cheese that I shredded right here, that’s going to go on the eggs and then for the second meal. So I do intermittent fasting, so I only eat twice a day. So my second meal is going to be cheeseburger salad, so I just take lettuce.

Take that ground beef that I made top it with bacon and cheese. Oh and that onion, that onion and jalapeno that I cut up will go on top of that as well and then as well as this like chipotle aioli. Usually I just do like mayo and spicy mustard, or something just to kind of give it like a dressing. But that is what I have in the afternoon for desserts this week. I have both keto connect. This is their chocolatey fudge, cookie not going to lie, but once on their website looks so much prettier, but these actually taste really good and I did go ahead and put peppermint extract in there.

So they’re like mint chocolate, cookies and they’re really good. Next, we have the gingerbread cake recipe they just came out with, I decided to make them into little mini muffins, and that was a score as well. We found some dessert winners this week, so that was exciting. So now I’m just going to pack all this stuff up, but in the fridge and chill out for the rest of the night. I deserve it thanks for reading this article, if you want to see more articles like this as well as follow me on my keto and weight-loss journey.

Don’t forget to hit that like button and comment on this article as well as subscribe to my blog read autumn. Keto, you can also add ink that notification Bell to make sure you’re notified every time I post new articles, I post weekly vlog meal preps as well as monthly weigh-ins and sporadic recipes as I come across them. You can also check me out on instagram at read autumn keto as well thanks and I’ll catch you guys next week.

Pumpkin Seeds are a great addition to your Keto snack list!