Superfoods Peru (eng)

An 84 of the plan is 103 life zones. Blue has domesticated over 4500 native species and also adopted all those that reach our land from the limits of the planet, thus making Peru a country of great of a cultural diversity.

Oh Bruce fertile fields, valleys mountains, Amazon planes and even deserts growing harmony with environment, mangoes, avocat, various vegetables, grains, cereals, cocoa and many other plants that are a treasure of foods for mankind, novel era, cultural techniques allowed to trace promise, Alondra productive chains and provide equality and Food security, certifications required by markets, thus leading to sustain experts, growth, more markets, demand, new flavors and techniques, and better foods for investors, have chargin a local agribusinesses and accomplish remarkable results.

Superfoods Peru,


By Amanda Leerow

I am blogging about food and politics. Check out my blog for more info about who i am.

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