Stupid Crap My Fellow Vegans Say: Superfoods

The thing about this is that what makes the superfoods list varies from one source to the next, which is why the whole idea of superfoods in itself is unreliable. How does the idea of superfoods apply to veganism? Well, thanks to the likes of Heather, lounsberry and Kathy Freston, a lot of vegans buy into the idea that food essentially has magical powers, and now we have the high-carbohydrate low-fat movement made up of vegans, who believe we should get most of our calories from carbohydrates.

The line of thinking here is: go vegan, preferably high. Carb, low fat and you’ll never get sick again. Ergo no need for medicine that works anyway. Our doctors, those who’ve, been to medical school and don’t but vegans can still get cancer, for instance, and germ theory still applies to us. The bottom line who does not have magical powers? Yes, he healthy, but understand that doing so will not prevent you from getting sick.

Nor stop your body from being a death trap. Use your head!


By Amanda Leerow

I am blogging about food and politics. Check out my blog for more info about who i am.

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