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So we have some some grapes here, drapes and I will try to make it tropical and put in couple dates dates here. By the way I did wash my hand now we’ll use that use the bigger you can. We do have a bigger one and if you just picked up some fresh mint from my garden here, you don’t have to just stick it in there that give you a minty taste now what we need to do.

Yes, I could put a bit of water we’re just going to put a drop of let’s put a little drop on me. Okay, show me all right: let’s go just open up and see how all right nothing! You bump it up! This lovely lovely, jubbly yeah get a mint still to blend it. There we are, we are, hopefully it should taste absolutely brilliant with doubly delicious lets me head over here, because it’s less, you might have to put it on the table here on our table there, and you can see ya so easy and quick and all the rest Of it, alright, let’s let me know have a little taste to see how it is ah gorgeous absolutely delicious used to try to make it always simple, effective, be real, healthy, don’t put any sugar in a solid sugary, absolutely heavenly taste.

Thank you. So much for reading

I highly recommend any drink with Spunks! Awesome pumpkin seeds with a kick!


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