How we make our potting mix and plant the Giant Pumpkin Seeds.

We have the seed soaking for three hours so now we’re going to show you our next step in the process. These seeds, here, yes, and what we like to do, is get some peat moss and get some yeah, but they help the soil. Stay broke down a little ugh yeah, it’s parallel and a little bit of our soil. We mix in here we like to have a little bit of our soil, and so what we do is we mix it in there and then we also get a little bit of the juices in the water that we had and we mix it in here.

So it that way it’s hard to tell, but you want it so that your soil right here is soft and squishy, so we take that we mix it up there. Then we also put in your biker. I see we got this from wow yeah. You can get a little bit in there and just mix up a big dose in here can’t have too much kids like doing that. So you get that in there. So you can see it’s good and mixed up right here and you just get your hands in there right go! Oh she’s, going to glitter show him your hands.

You can’t do it they’re sparkly. She was doing her hair earlier today. So we mix this and your nails. Yes, we get a good and mixed up right, but really mix that in there uh-huh what makes that make sure that it all of it. If you see there’s, you really got ta get your hands in there just towards the bottom to get to a little dry and you don’t want them. Yes, so you get a good mixture, make sure that in your hand, sticks like Phoebe, said and then you’re ready to go so then the most important thing you have your label that we’ve been labeled each one of them and now okay, we’ll get us some of Those so which one is this: hey, this 21:38? Safe, oh yeah! So what you do is you get you good bunch, the seeds right there, you get it! So then, it’s about that far and then we just pour the whole mixture right in there and then you can see your seed.

You don’t want to bury it too far, very good. We don’t stick it like that. We don’t stick a chapter. Okay, sure it’s like all nice food and you put it nice and flat just like that, and then you give it cover it up on the top and that’s it and then there’s your first one make it biggest. Most important thing is to make sure it’s labeled properly, Oh huge, be like you’d, be going on the wrong cedar.

You’re like uh-huh. It’s not labeled properly. It’s not going to work right. So there you go there’s one of them. Should we go one down come here? We got another come over here, come say: hi 2016. So this is a boy, so we got that one there Elle she came to help us out. You can’t touch it cuz your hand. Fingers are sparkly, show them your feet. Sparkly fingers uh-huh. So you got the boys, make sure they’re, always labeled correctly go ahead and dump them in there.

There you go now I like to take where you’ve dumped it and get a little bit of dirt. On top of that, the roots will be like: oh yay, good stuff. You know we used to go around and file the edges and make it so this. Well, we just think that, right now we don’t do that anymore. We so come in here. We think. That’s enough, and then we also just like the fact that it just seems to get it a stronger plant yeah.

I can’t make it through here. Then you got a weak Clint, you don’t want it anyways. So there we go, there’s two of them right there. Okay, so another one, we got here the 17 right here. Maybe you can do this one there you go there you go put it in here, picked up yep weird. In there we go. Oh that wasn’t buried. You went straight downward, don’t lose your seat way down in there deep, that’s, not good right! Okay, there you go labeled and that’s it yeah we’ll do the last ones here off-camera, but there you go.

That’s how we do it make sure your soil is good. Squishy like that and you’re good to go. Okay, see guys dad who’s tea, daddy here wait. We got one cheap, bad team Phoebe, but who you cheer for paid or dad bo Botha’s weak sauce pick one yeah. Oh you, Turkey, yep, bye,

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.


By Amanda Leerow

I am blogging about food and politics. Check out my blog for more info about who i am.

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