Simple Vodka Punch

Just on briefly, I am going to make a simple vodka punch. Okay, I actually do not have all my ingredients, I’m just going to use what I got okay and we to get started. Okay, guys. So, first I’m going to start off with the ingredients that I do have like.

I don’t have everything that I normally have I’m just going to use what I got and we’re going to get started. Okay, so we’re going to start off with oranges. I’ve actually already started cutting the orange when I thought to film this, so I’m going to continue to cut the orange just in some slices. It doesn’t matter if it’s thick or thin put these in the container one second guys, okay, plus I’m going to continue cutting you on just.

I have two oranges here I usually put watermelon in it and uh cherries and strawberries, but, like I don’t have any all. I have right now with oranges, and so I’m just going to put up the oranges and use that okay, now after doing that, what I normally add next is the vodka there’s my containers here, there’s no box, so I’m going to add maybe half or almost half Of the bottle just use whatever kind of pocket that you now we take.

This top also come right on out, so this would make. I believe this is a three gallon jug. Yes, I use a little bit more than a half. I think I think this is a three gallon jug. Okay, I have my apple cranberry juice and I’m not measuring anything, I’m just pouring to taste, okay and I’m measuring nothing. I have my mr. Pure orange juice. Okay and I have my pineapple juice. Okay, I’m going to stir this wood wooden spoon in the Mongoose, try not to make it so strong likes.

I never measure guys. I just pour as needed, and I have some unsub unsweetened, not unsweetened, but what is this sugar free? Oh, my goodness, sugar free kool-aid here and I’m not sure I believe this is, I don’t even know flavor this is, but it’s like three different flavors mixed in it. I just add this just for the sweetness. Okay, that’s optional guys! So if you have other juices, then of course go ahead and use that and like say do it to taste if you like it a little stronger and less juice, if you like it a little weaker, of course add more juice.

Okay, so let’s see how this is: oh, that’s good, guys, Ted bitch, so I’m going to add a little more pineapple to go up yeah, let my pineapple juice and a little bit more orange juice. Okay, and that should do it stir, stir stir. So if you have watermelons uh once the watermelon set, the juices actually come out the watermelon and it gives us such a really good flavor but likes. I don’t have any more.

So this is what its going to be and guys if you notice I never put ice in my drinks. You can, if you like, if you wan na Cole right then, but I don’t like my drinks watered down, so I don’t put ice in them. I will just put the container in the freezer and just let it get cold from there. So, let’s see how this is now. Oh, that’s, perfect! Perfect! You taste actually all the juice. You taste, some of the alcohol yep perfect, just a tad little sweetness.

I don’t have no more room for nothing so, and this is a really nice summertime drink to just sit and chill. I say if you wouldn’t put ice in it. You perfectly welcome to do that. Black’s, I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to put the container in the freezer and let’s just get cold from there, okay guys! So that’s it! That is a perfect summer. Vodka cocktail just put my top back on here back to cocktail guys.

Here you go. If you guys want to see more articles, like this, be sure to comment below subscribe to the blog, give it a big thumbs up simple five, the cocktail – I will talk to you guys in the next article bye you

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