Cows, Bees and Pumpkin Seeds!! – The Mac’s Happy Homestead

You can see that here’s, the area where the cows had been on this side, which is where the big white cow, had her baby of here, and they have just moved on up here – also they’ve moved on to this area. She was up here like I’m, not sure where she went she’s just doing awesome, so super excited about that.

I know there’s going to be some more babies coming soon, not exactly sure winner and the cuts kind of been there’s the baby kind of in the project. Today, just to get up here and get these cows put over here on the other side – and this is also the property where our other set of bees are so they have check those today too and made sure those cows were good. So there’s mama and baby moved over they’re doing good.

It is a girl. She looks like she’s, been a really good mom. I staying right up here with her all right. It’s about 96 we’ve been out in this open pasture before literally prob about 4 hours. We got this temporary fencing built for all three things. You know we finished the one of the day, the one paddock, but now we have two more paddocks that we’ve added. So we have three full panics. Look at how this grass is.

It’s got some weeds. Of course in it, but we’re going to let them eat it down, and then we will actually see that again and get a pretty grass. We did lime it so that way it will kind of hopefully kill some of this stuff and balance the pH back in this round. Look at this pretty little Hester yeah. She won’t come to me there come here, amazing, it is July 4 and it feels like it, but kids misty all of them are swimming.

We just got done with that: paddock building the two paddocks and we’re going to check the bees up here. I’ve got four hives up here. I do have an extra little box. I keep up here just in case. I need a split while I’m up here. I don’t think any of me to be split, but I’m going to double-check make sure yeah it’s ready to go. So it’s ready if we’re coming worst. I can’t split it into it, but I hope I don’t have to split it because I’m really running out of I’ve got 14 hives.

I really don’t need any more right now, but we’re going to check these hives we’ll look at them and see what I see what they look like. You all right we’re getting ready to plant some pumpkins Aidan, going back to the house to finish fertilize and what he’s got to do and we’re going to get on this tractor put the cultivator man this ground. It’s must be just so fertile. I can’t keep grass out of it this this thing three or four times and I toyed around with putting a solid start down.

I wish I would have now, but I will what we’re going to do once we get to that point. So we’re going to go and get teal, our excuse me cultivate it and then we’re going to start playing some pumpkins. We are done with cultivation and tilling you see the rows. I just been rode: we’ve kind of got big rows just because I can’t baby this garden, because it’s kind of hard to get over here by hand every day or read it every day.

So I’m going to put big rows in it. So I can go back through with the tractor between the rows: keep them cleaned up until the pumpkins start running, but I think it’ll be good. Actually, I’m going to do a trial set of corn here as well. I’ve got some sweet corn seed left at the very, very back way back there there’s a patch of spot, I’m going to put some corn and just see how this this ground grows.

Corn, because this fertile fertile fertile ground, probably the best program with guy. But it’s close to our our lake and that’s actually ground that hadn’t been really touched in any kind of cultivation way, so we’re going to see how it goes from there we’re going to go and get planted, though, and see seeing me pumpkins. We can get planted all right, we did buy a little extra organic seed, but this is our seed.

From last year. Look at all the pumpkin seed, we got, we had our own pumpkins and we were able to harvest all these seeds strictly off about 30 or 40. Pumpkins. Look at look at that and that’s different kind of white Cinderella. This big jack-o’-lantern pumpkins that sweet pumpkin. This mini pumpkins, that’s winter squash, that’s all kinds of seed, so we’re going to try to plant these see if they do.

Okay, we’ve never dried pumpkin seeds. So we kind of looked up and researched a little bit and I hope we got it because we’ve got some gorgeous pumpkins here from last year, so we’re going to plant these first and then we’ve got some other seats, we’re going to plant and we’re going to See which ones does the best the ones we’ve got? Are the organic seed that we bought this year? So, let’s see how it goes from here, all right.

I planted all our seed. You see, I did not use sparingly just because of it a lot, and I don’t know if the seeds dormant, I don’t know if it’s good, I we don’t know, we’ve never dried pumpkin seed. So first experience with that, so we planted pretty aggressively and pretty heavy. Now, with the other seed, knowing it’s you know an organic seed from a farm, we won’t plant it as quite as politically as we did that so we’re going to try that now and I’ll go ahead and get it finished and then we’re going to cover it.

All up make a little real nice and get the corn planted as well, and then this planet it’s hot, just button. I think it was like 93 on it’s only like 10:30, it’s already 93, but the humidity is like 100 %. So I go, but I got it all planning you can see the four major roads. I planted man, no telling how many pumpkin seeds, because we had so many from last year, so we’ve tried it we’re going to try it.

We’ve never planted and dried pumpkin seeds. So I’m anxious to see if we did it right, so I guess we will see time will tell. I hope you enjoyed this little article. It wasn’t much but just wanted to show you let’s getting started on the pumpkin patch, and I hope that we show you a article soon that it’s just growing and doing great and it allows kids to come pick. So I hope you have enjoyed again and if you haven’t subscribed to our Channel, please do we are shooting for a thousand, so we’re hoping to get a thousand pretty quickly.

I hope you’re enjoying our content. If there’s something else, you’d rather see on our homestead, let us know we’d love to chat with you who have to max at 8:00 every Wednesday night. Please come on and visit with us. We will talk about whatever you want to talk about, but uh. Thank you again. God bless and happy homesteading y’all

A new kind of pumpkin seed snack! Roasted by two men.


By Amanda Leerow

I am blogging about food and politics. Check out my blog for more info about who i am.

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